Mario’s Alternate Smash Bros. Costume Is… Patriotic

Mario’s Alternate Smash Bros. Costume Is… Patriotic

Super Mario: plumber… doctor… patriot. This is the moustachioed hero’s alternate costume for the new Super Smash Bros. — as revealed this morning on the official Smash Twitter account — and it’s totally amazing.

As Kotaku reader Vitas points out, it’s inspired by the costume in NES Open Tournament Golf.

The real question is, why didn’t they release this on July 4?

(h/t Vitas)


  • IDK why they wanted Samus’ alternate costume to look like it belongs in an Apple store though…

    • The friggin light suit that uses solidified light as a frikkin shotgun, also many people are saying this suit is designed by aperture

  • would n’t the italian flag be more fitting or is it a case of american patriotism sells more

    • Yea, not very patriotic for a Japanese character who is an Italian plumber to wear an American flag, but if there wasn’t some Patriot American article at least every couple of days, this wouldn’t be gawker :p

      • He’s actually Italian-American and lived in Brooklyn (at least that was his back story from the SMB1 instruction manual IIRC, before he became one of the Star Children from the Mushroom Kingdom or something).

        • Ah yep, the movie with guns, and instead of goombas being angry little mushrooms with feet, they were big did with tiny heads? Definitely the definitive story over the games.

          • Pretty sure early instruction manuals also placed him in Brooklyn, as did the cartoon show.

  • Ok so Mario’s got an Apollo Creed outfit.

    I assume that means Little Mac gets to be Rocky?

  • His alternate costume is actually ironic and very unpatriotic since, as people have pointed out, Mario is Italian and even then, he was created by a Japanese company. If you want to take it further, he lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. Although, if you want to get technical, according to the Super Mario Bros. TV series or movie, he’s from Brooklyn and travels via pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom.

    • Mario was originally an Italian American character (which i believe has been stated above already) also i don’t get how its unpatriotic when a large majority of American population have heritage going back to Italy anyway….

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