The Toughest Track In Trials Fusion: No Faults. No Bike. Incredible.

Yep, that's right, I said no bike. Well technically there is a bike but it's invisible which, as many experienced Trials players will tell you, makes things roughly 500% harder. You can't tell the angle you're going to land at, you can't accurately predict where your centre of gravity is. In short: it makes even the simplest of tracks tough, let alone the notorious Inferno IV.

Some perspective: our resident Trials expert FatShady can zero fault Inferno IV. No problem. When he tried with an invisible bike? It took him hours just to get past the first obstacle.

Here's some more perspective: it took me four full tries to merely finish the track, with my bike visible. I finished up with over 400 faults.

This is pure, precise, beautiful Trials technique in action. It scares me how good people can become at this game.


    Ever had a nightmare where you’re trapped in an infinite loop or place and your mind can’t comprehend that it's incomprehensible?

    That’s the feeling I get when I think about someone telling me I can’t leave a room until I do what that guy just did. It makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

    I could never do it, I could try for all eternity but i'd never make it. It's impossible.

      but if you do, you'll be allowed into elysium

    That is insane... I still can't even do the first jump consistently takes me about 20 goes and I've spent hours on it.

    I get so frustrated with this game, then I watch the ghost of the leader on a particular track and get even more frustrated at how easy they make it look.

    Oh the controllers I would go through just trying to play this.

    I got angry in Skate 2 just trying to do simple things...this would send me over the edge.

    What! He makes it look easy, and I can't even get over the first obstacle!

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