This Live-Action Dragon Ball Z Trailer Is Totally Real. Really.

Video: Sick of boring ol' 2D animation, Dragon Ball Z studio Funimation decided to hire the funny folks at Mega64 to make a live-action movie based on the popular cartoon by Akira Toriyama. The results are amazing, as expected. And totally real. Really totally real.

"Gohan's my son now."


    I like the invoice
    9. Legal Settlement for local school incident 120,000
    10. Wigs 84,006
    84,000 monies on wigs, are they sure they got enough? This is Dragonball after all :P


    Hey Jason, a little mistake there, the trailer is Mega64's interpretation of Funimation's new Dragonball animated movie coming out this year, not a live action parody.

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