Well Played, Smartass Counter-Strike Team

Well Played, Smartass Counter-Strike Team

There's winning, and then there's winning with style.

Seen in CS:GO [Reddit]


    A while ago I was confronted by "Bigpond salesman", "T-box salesman" and "Foxtel salesman". The entire match they argued in all chat about who was better.

    They got the order wrong Word is always first in the list.

    Dammit he got me again! I actually expected an article >.

    Today on a current luke plunkett affairs, he finds a team composed of team members who have trollishly named themselves after work programs possibly from frankghanistan (frankston, vic)

    hehe lighten up - made me chuckle :)

      Lighten up? He draws a wage as a video game journalist with this 'article'? My kids post more comprehensive shit on their facebook accounts.

    Heh, some friends of mine recently played some Dota 2 as the spice girls, avatars and all, and spent half the match singing lyrics to the other team.

      +1 to you good sir.

    Almost as good as the OLD SPICE BODY ODOUR BLOCKER team from dota 2


      Here for reference. Dota 2 wins again.

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