Xbox Live's Ultimate Game Sales Thing Starts Today

The bloody timing of it. In the wake of the Steam Sales — just when you thought it was safe to buy food instead of video games — comes the Xbox Live Ultimate Games Sale. If you do your gaming primarily on consoles, this is your time to shine. And buy Skate 2 for 75% off. (You should totally do that!)

You can check out the whole sale with all of its deals and whatnot here, but here are my own personal recommendations...

— Skate 2 is 75% off (wait I already mentioned that didn't I?) — Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is 38% off — Titanfall is 33% off — Trials Evolution is 66% off

Oh God, I just noticed that Fight Night Champion is 75% off. GET THAT ONE. THAT IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD GET!

Anyway, it's well worth clicking through to this link for the full details. Similar to the Steam Sales, some of these are daily deals, whilst others are running for an entire week concluding on the July 14.

Good luck friends.


    Problem with those deals is that sometimes it's still not worth it in Australia, particularly because sometimes the price drops aren't shared. I remember Crysis 3 was worth 20 bucks in America and had a 50% sale. Checking the Australian market it was indeed half off, but at the retail price of 100 bucks :/

    At that same time it was on sale I could have walked into EB and picked up the game for 20 bucks (Which I did).

    Last edited 08/07/14 2:59 pm

      Yeah at least steam doesn't discriminate AS badly in Australia when it comes to pricing =_=

        Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is marketed at 10 bucks American, which is about 10 bucks Australian. But when you view the game through the console, it's priced at 30 bucks.

    Good thing its on XBL and not origin... not even their advertising works...

      I don't know, those ads seem appropriate. Origin is in a state where nobody wants to reach for it.

    Dammit Mark...I don't want to eat bread and noodles for another month!

    Yeah ok maybe I do...

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