Yet Another Reason To Get Angry With Australian News On TV

I don't want to tar everyone with the same brush, but is this an annual thing? Do news station have a 'moral panic story about video games' button that requires pushing once a year? This time the 'ADDICTIVE VIDEO GAMES WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN' story comes courtesy of 10 News and I literally don't even have the energy to be angry about it any more.

But if you feel like being enraged by something today. If you're in the mood for anger, click here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I mean really — I think we can all agree that children's use of video games should be monitored and limited to an extent, so what is the story here? This reeks of a completely one-sided beat up catering to a clueless audience desperately searching for one more thing to be afraid of. 10 News hasn't even granted Ron Curry his traditional five second sound byte, doing his level best to fight the good fight about these kind of misconceptions.

This is — simply put — a one-sided beat up. It's a sucker punch.

You know what? I've changed my mind — I think I have just mustered enough energy to be angry about this.

This is filler. Pure puff piece. "Nothing newsworthy going on," said the producers. "What's a traditional hot button topic?"

"VIDEO GAMES," says another. "We can still get some mileage out of that one, surely?"

"Nah, it's been done. Surely."

"Well, our audience is pretty old and out of touch, we might be able to sneak this one past them."

"Yeah, bugger it. Let's run with it."

I'm guessing that's how it went down.

Addicted to Gaming [Ten News]


    I think we should just ban video games. They're a nuisance and drive the real estate market down.

      and push up taxes :(

        And worship satan!

          And they will all become homocidal maniacs!

            Video games turned my son gay! Now he worships Satan and chokes kittens!

              They turned my gay son straight! Now he worships kittens and chokes Satan!

                He also named his penis Satan!

                  A grandmother in Adelaide cut her husbands head off... I think she played video games...

                  ...Ahhhhh... You're talking about masturbation, right?... I'd heard of that. But because I'm addicted to gaming, I've got no time for it!...

          Hey, don't associate Satan with them darn video games! He just got caught up in the wrong crowd.

      Don't give Graham Burke, the co-CEO of Village Roadshow Australia any ideas - they'll be trying to ban them as more time spent on video games means less time in the cinema!

      hey i was worshiping satan well before i found video games... i mean hes not that bad of a guy

    Video games have taught me quite a bit.
    For instance, i now have a very basic idea of how grammar works, but i didn't learn that at school.
    It has also taught me to look at things differently in attacking design issues, Making maps for games or thinking of a match's battle plan. Hence it has made me use a part of my brain that other wise wouldn't be used.
    Thank you video games.

    Last edited 07/07/14 2:38 pm

      "For instance, i know have a very basic idea of how grammar works"

      Ok, I'm gonna be that guy... That sentence did your argument no favours. Having said that, I agree that I've also learned alot of useful (mental) skills from video games.

        The point i'm making is i NEVER used it or even knew what a comma did 2 years ago.

        Why am i being moderated now???

        Last edited 07/07/14 3:03 pm

          dont worry man, there will always be people on the net who need to criticise spelling and grammar. just remember that the english language is a collection of all other languages, it evolves everyday. What is wrong or right is only due to the majority agreeing. some people me included have a much easier time learning when it is tactile, maybe you are the same. and there is no shame in that because we all learn differently.

            I'm amazed at how much i have learnt hands on at work these past 3 or so years, compared to school anyways.
            Funny thing is i havn't used used basic handwriting or gramatical skills apart from the rate tafe certs i'm doing.

              well as long as you stick with a good union you probably wont have to but when you start looking for another job those skills will come in handy

          Because you make a point of saying you know how grammar works, while with the sentence provided show that you don't.

          It's the equivalent of telling someone you can skateboard right before you slip off the board and land face-first into wet concrete.

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            His point stands, in a way.

            Last edited 07/07/14 7:08 pm

            Here's a video of Tony Hawk stacking it:

            Nobody's perfect.

            I know basically how a car works but I wouldn't be able to effectively put one together. So, his point stands.

          Dude I can excuse a Typo, but I have to ask did you originally mean now instead of know?

          I'm fairly confident that's more to do with how much attention you paid at school, rather than video games being a better teacher.

            Well... modern teaching... Most younger people have a worse education where things like this are concerned but learn more complex math than I learned. You'd think they would get the communication up to standard first. Oh well, everyone knows better.

            Nah mate,i wasn't allowed to do english.

              Hold on while I put on my believing look...


              just a second more...

              -and I'm back. Sorry, what was that?

                I was too "disruptive" and was sent to sit it out.
                And the teacher was a jerk.
                But that was all most 4 years ago, so it's in the past.

        a lot is two words.

      I learned geography from playing World Empire.

      Games are also the primary reason I know the basic rules of soccer, basketball, baseball, chess, backgammon, solitaire, poker and snooker.

      Also the names of lots of different types of weapons and armour, and bits and pieces of history and mythology.

      Also that killing is a great way to solve problems, and has no lasting consequences.

      Not that this is helping, but still funny nonetheless:

        Hahaha. Did you bookmark that to use on people like me?

        Last edited 07/07/14 3:39 pm

          I wish xD Spent 5 minutes trying to find the damn thing! It's always stayed in my mind about what games are "teaching" people and would be the perfect satire piece

        Got another

        Funnier and more relevant:

      I learnt that Gandhi was an immortal emperor that massacred all the other nations and imposed an oppressive regime with brain control chips thanks to Civilization.

        And i also learnt about america from assassin's creed 3 ;)

    Yeah, I caught this on TODAY this morning, looks like they wanted a slice of the pie too. Can't seem to find a link to it though.

    Nobody with a brain gets news from Australian media outlets, so it's basically all satire.

    Mostly because I refuse to accept there is no bottom limit to IQ.

    Last edited 07/07/14 2:38 pm

      It wasn't all satire. They had some excellent advice for parents in the segment.

      1. Help children feel heard.
      Nothing more frustrating for a kid when they can't be heard. In fact, that's what got me into gaming; trying to deal with parents who would stick their fingers in their ears and loudly yell LA LA LA. And then they had the hide to tell _me_ to grow up.

      2. Stay calm, no matter what.
      Good advice, regardless of whether you're facing down your child, or a ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal. Some say there is little difference between the two, so you should treat them equally. A towel can help.

      3. Any suggestion should be followed with a positive comment.
      Be positive, people! It's all good. It's a known fact that only 0.01% of all game playing children turn into homicidal maniacs. Your chances of raising a decent child are actually surprisingly high.

    i always wonder why the hosts/reporters dont refuse to report this crap? surely they dont get into journalism to do crap like this or work for ACA and TT and promote racism and lies.

      As an ex-journo, I can say three things contribute to this:

      1. Lack of security in the entire profession, let alone a workplace. More than once I was given the old "You should be grateful that you work here..." speech, culminating in the "I've been a journo for years and I know the audience..." speech, ending in me running a story I didn't want to run.

      2. All the decision makers are older journos except in certain areas (notably fashion, tech, games) and they love themselves a beat-up, especially with a built in audience (oldies screaming "Video Games are evil! We should all go back to listening to the talkies on the wireless!") AND a counter-audience ("Games aren't evil and here's why..." but sadly more like "Fuck you cocksucking newbs you don't know CoD FORVEER!!!!11one"). I won't bore you with the theory, but they love it when a story runs and gets attention, then gets attention in the "tail" for days afterwards in comment forums, feedback to the program, social media...why do you think ACA/TT always went after dodgy builders? Not because they're endemic in Australia, but because everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who might have an uncle that had A DODGY BUILDER DO HIS ROOF OMG I NEED TO SHARE THIS TOTALLY UNIQUE STORY ON THEIR WEBSITE (and look at their ads...)

      3. Because the time and peer pressure lead to a distinct lack of original content, so they go through to "update" old stories when nothing new is presenting itself. They use "new research" as a fuckawful excuse to do so. In fact, I'd be surprised if most of the journo's actually bothered to look up previously filed stories from their newsroom/program.

        Well, I think you got it spot on with your 2nd point - gamers are peeved, parents probably up in arms and this will be rehashed for the n-th time.

        So agree with #3.
        It really has to be every 3 months or so that either ACA or TT run their "which washing powder is the best" segment and it seems like its just the same "results" again with new footage and VO work.

          I loved a comment from Derryn Hinch when he was asked once if he'd host a current affairs show again. His responce was, when he hosted current affairs shows, they did stories that were actual current affairs, not which supermarket has the cheapest prices!

      I wonder if the talking heads on news programs are even Journalists anymore. Surely it doesn't take a degree to read a Press statement.

    Huh... I thought Ten had axed its news department.

      they did, that's why they're running this piece.

        Wait, your trying to say The Project isn't an educated news program?

          No, The Project just cock teases us by getting us to wonder: "Does Carrier Bickmore's 'sex voice' sound identical to her 'reading the news' voice?", even though we know we'll never get an answer, just crappy ACA/TT segments; And provides fap material for Ten's management who like to jerk it to Steve Price and don't believe there is enough angry, ill-informed commentary on TV.

    This is fucking pathetic. I cannot wait for the day when these future scared reporters and their colleagues are put into nursing homes and we can finally get over all of this. The arguments they make are ridiculous. I really don't believe even a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of gamers have dropped school to play without being financially independent and gaming makes people depressed? I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite. Games are there for entertainment and to make you happy. Why would you continue playing a game that makes you depressed? anyway, nobody takes this seriously anymore so I guess they can ramble on all they want.

      Actually there are kids that drop out school to play games by stealing money from their parents. Gaming making people depressed no. The whole reason why a percentage of gamers are depressed is because games are what they choose to cope with the depression. Usually the cause of that are parents and friends. How the hell do you get depressed playing games?

    It was on Ten though, so it's quite likely no one actually watched it.

      Haha yeah - I think more people clicked on the video in this story than have watched channel ten in the past month!

        I watch the Formula 1 race.... actually, that's the only TV I've watched in years (except for the Olympics and world cup)

    This reeks of uneducated and miss informed bullshit.
    I hope that psychologist was misquoted for his reputation sake, otherwise I would never use his services. What he just described as "video game addiction" was backwards, it is a symptom of what he described NOT the cause.

    What you don't know about your pants that could harm your family, tonight on not quite really news!!

      I need to take my pants off immediately!

        the problem is that you wore them to begin with...


    Give it time my friends, these people will age out and then journos who grew up with video games will decide these are silly scare tactic empty stories.

      Sadly that's not the case. You don't picture the people you went to high school with, or even their kids, as being the targets for this sort of garbage but they are. People grow up and their priorities shift. The people watching these shows today grew up facing the same bull we did.
      It's deeper than just video games. It's kids, youth, change, entertainment, differences. It all sets off alarms for certain types of people. It's why people who grew up considering Alice Cooper just another crappy musician with a stage act they weren't interested in could get so easily swept up with the idea that Marylin Manson was trying to sell their children to pedophile devil worshipers.
      It's actually sort of understandable when you think about the impact of having kids or investing years making something of your life. I try not to be an asshole like this but the reality is that in the decade since I finished high school I've been shown that the world is a lot less simple than I thought. It doesn't excuse falling for this crap, and it certainly doesn't excuse making this crap, but thinking of it this way at least gives you an idea of why people get suckered into this.

      The upshot is that it seems to distract those same people from the more vile scapegoating. Where in the past those fears were capitalised on by racists, homophobes, misogynists, etc now it gets focused on Call of Duty players. Gamers and the entertainment industry in general take one for the team here.

      Last edited 07/07/14 4:50 pm

      Yeah it all depends on how well this propaganda works....

    I found the loading ad quite funny in relation to the piece - KFC doing nothing is something...

    2.5 hours a day? Pfft, fucking lightweights.

    What I find funny is that the comments about online gaming causing anti-social behaviour and being the only "positive" thing in their lives to be a more accurate decription for the dudebros and toxic players destroying the industry.

      Clearly that 2.5 hours could be used on something far more constructive, like watching Channel 10.

      Also, someone playing Minecraft with the trackpad on a MacBook is not the proper way to game, let alone get addicted to it. Having to use a trackpad for a first-person game would make me rage-quit more than anything.

    The first thing that played when I clicked the link to the clip was a Nintendo ad ... just to highlight how ridiculous this story really is.

      I wonder how their sponsors react to stories like this....

    This is filler. Pure puff piece. “Nothing newsworthy going on,” said the producers.

    - AKA Kotaku?

    So they spoke to one child psychologist and a mum. Case closed people.



        I pictured the reporter yelling that while making jazz hands right after pitching the story.

      It's incredibly one sided.

      Straya news people! They want to treat gaming like it's a social disease, but don't acknowledge that, using their logic, it could be a symptom of abusive/ negligent parents. (Not saying that's always true. My point is they didn't even consider why the kids play games in the first place, or even the type of games they play.)

      Ludicrous every time. Just finding a scapegoat to help themselves sleep at night: 'My child is anti-social and depressed because GAMES, not because I don't see them enough or pay attention to them or whatever the case may be.'

      Then again, at least it's not as bad as the news in the States where you can buy a gun over the counter and be seen as a fine young american using your right to be free and bare arms, but if you play games you are a potential homicidal psychopath.

        It's not just Aus, this is what the worlds "news" has become. The theme is always the same: Stop looking at the world and start being afraid of everything inside and out of your safe little bubble.
        You bombard people enough with this message and eventually they think they arrived at it themselves and worry over useless things.
        It's the perfect scam, rather than tell people what they want, you make them tell you.

        Not even a week after the budget was revealed 7 News commented that Australians were beginning to accept it as the right course for the country. They of course based this on nothing and provided no actual evidence or research. You saturate that message enough across an average persons day and the majority of them will begin parroting it.

          I know. It's a lack of journalistic talent leading to this sensationalist garbage for clicks/ views.


      Last edited 07/07/14 6:01 pm


      I heard of a kid injecting videogames. He then went on to eat a baby #stopthemadness #notevenonce

        Stop blaming the users... It's time to track down these manufacturers and put them out of business!!!!

    Saw this on Was about to get rageful, decided against it, just irresponsible parents looking for a scapegoat to not raise their children correctly.

    I'd think if a child gets to the point where he stops going to school, stops socialising with others and becomes suicidal, then there's probably something a lot more serious going on than "videogame addiction". It's actually ridiculously irresponsible to say that playing games to the point of obsession this is the cause of these issues rather than a symptom of them, as it gives parents the completely wrong idea of how to help their children. "My kid is suicidal? Channel 10 said its the videogames. We need to yank him away from the videogames, that will fix everything and in no way worsen his state of mind by taking away what he see's as his only escape from reality".

    Oh, and the dot points at the end describing how to attempt to deal with your child as if he's a heroin-addict looks like something right of The Onion.

      Yep based of what they're saying it sounds like video games are their coping mechanism.
      Something else is actually causing it.

    No one disagrees that letting you're child (or you're self for that matter) play video games for 12 hours a day probably isn't going to do them any favours, but it's a cop out to say that this is the only contributing factor to their poor mental health. Take a look around you, the world is a F#*! up place and the society that you have built for you're children is what is causing them the most amount of mental anguish, Human being's weren't meant to live this way and our brains simply are not able to handle the environment around us. Until we finally wake up to reality our children will continue to suffer mentally

    Because of this report, I no longer feel the need to play video games. Thank you ten. You saved my life.

    I think the more important question from the news "story" is:


    Last edited 07/07/14 3:05 pm

      Mum probably doesn't approve of them having a mouse, It could distract them from being adults at 6 years old

      Maybe they could lower the levels of depression by her parents splashing out on a USB mouse!

      This is all I could think whilst watching the 'story'.

    I wonder what's next on the "Reassure the fears of the elderly" bandwagon. Usually it's the same mindless rhetoric about Hoons, Insurance Companies, Banks, Video Games, Immigrants and Boat People (F*&k I hate that label). It's no wonder 7/9/10 are struggling for ratings, Their viewer base is ageing and dying and they've alienated everyone under 50. And what a shitty mum BTW, " I don't want my kids playing with their family & friends because I don't like the medium they are using to communicate". I seriously can't stand the baby boomers views, They must be the most out of touch generation to date

    "They become more suicidal"


      Yeah, kids try to kill themselves every week, that's normal. But when playing videogames, they try to kill themselves every day!

    What's ironic is by giving this story more exposure you're actually increasing the chances they run something similar xD I know I know damned if you do damned if you don't.

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