Auran To Cut Staff This Friday

Auran To Cut Staff This Friday

auranlogo.jpgAngry Gamer is reporting that Brisbane-based developer Auran will be making a number of staff redundant tomorrow, as the company faces financial difficulties – no doubt a result of the lacklustre reception its MMO Fury received.

From the Angry Gamer story:

“Fury was a financial disaster, it lost Auran a lot of money”, one anonymous source told Angry Gamer.

The story goes on to say that Auran’s QA department will feel the brunt of the cuts, and that Tantalus will take on “up to 20” former employees.

I’ve sent an email off to Auran and Tantalus seeking more info. If true, it’s a sad development, regardless of how you may feel about Fury.

Personally, I wish Auran all the best. Let’s hope it doesn’t become Australia’s Interplay.

Auran out of steam [Angry Gamer]


  • Im not sure where i stand with this, Australia needs a stronger game development area, thats for sure, but Auran was so damn cocky, and claimed to be the first to do things Guild Wars was doing years ago, kind of feels right.

  • Last time I went to visit Tantalus; can you say “chickens” there is nothing free range about the working style. Battery hens are more like it and 20 more ? They just don’t have the physical room.

  • Cutting QA when their game is a buggy piece of shit?

    I lol’d.

    I could have told them the day the game was annouced it was going to fail, especially if it was so bad the metacritic rating was going to be 54 for the game reviews and 45 from the users.

    Making a crap, buggy unfinished pvp fantasy MMO to take on WoW is like someone spending all their companies money from 10 years of work to develop a copy of a linux distro from 3 years ago to compete with WinXp/Vista at retail.

    Just stick to making pony friends tantalus, at least you will make some money, without having to risk the jobs of everyone in the company.

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