Did Guardians Of The Galaxy Make You Want A Live-Action Star Fox Movie Too?

Guardians Of The Galaxy was a pretty spectacular movie. With its rogue's gallery of likeable heroes, thrilling action set pieces and lashings of PG-friendly humour, it was arguably the best Marvel superhero movie to date. It also proved beyond doubt that a Star Fox movie would totally work.

Okay, lets get the obvious comparison out of the way first. Rocket Raccoon is Fox McCloud — they're both cocky anthropomorphic spaceship mercenaries of the carnivora order who regularly indulge in feats of heroism despite "only being in it for the money". Sure, Rocket is a bit crasser and has more criminal leanings, but otherwise they might as well be the same character.

The fact that Rocket completely stole the show is a pretty good indicator that mainstream audiences would lap Fox up. Plus, the CGI effects in Guardians Of The Galaxy has shown that the creation of walking, talking animals in a live-action movie is 100% achievable. (Hell, that gun-totting furball out-acted most of the human cast with his eyes alone.)

In addition to the Raccoon factor, there's further crossover appeal to be found in the property's setting and overall tone. Basically, anyone who enjoyed Guardians Of The Galaxy will probably dig Star Fox: The Movie — both have large-scale space battles, a squad of highly outlandish characters, inter-team conflict/romance and an attractively quirky tone.

Throw in a period pop soundtrack and some anthro sex appeal via Krystal and you've got a surefire hit on your hands. It even has "Do a barrel roll!" as a built-in catchphrase-cum-tagline! This could be the cash-cow/canidae that Nintendo is desperately in need of.

Well, it'd be better than Super Mario Bros., anyway.

Did Guardians turn you into a Star Fox movie believer? Or am I just talking bollocks again? Are there any other video game series you'd like to see adapted for the big screen? Have at it in the comments!



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    Definitely not. I do however, eagerly await Guardians 2.

    Not at all.

    Also The fact that Rocket completely stole the show is just incorrect.

      Get out... My friend rocket here has escaped 22 prisons...

      yup were getting out!

    Yeah nah.
    I'm still waiting on a good Starfox game. (Starfox 64 3DS doesn't count)

      Yeah it does >:

        It was a good game, but only because it was a literal recreation of a good game.
        And they edited "Hey Einstein, I'm on your side!" to a much less satisfying "Hey Genius, I'm on your side!"
        It hurts, Ness.

          The only change they should have made was correcting the incorrect Barrel Roll quote.

          Funny enough Star Fox 64 was the very first Let's Play I ever come across back in like, 2007. You can tell it's the first too because he uses text to talk.

    Rocket stole the movie? Did we watch the same movie? As far as I can tell, everyone has gone Groot crazy.

      I am Groot.

        You can't have groot without rocket....
        it's like uhhhh cortana without chief...

    haha interesting reading the comments, I think it would be quite cool really, I do think however they need another good starfox game first before even thinking about any sort of movie.

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    Well, it’d be better than Super Mario Bros., anyway.

    Based on what exactly?

    *looks at smash bros original 12, then remembers ssbb final smashs, then remembers another character that also was there from the begining*
    If there was a movie about nintendo characters, here are some from super smash bros game that would gain publicity: captain not hammy in his own game falcon, the multigenerational hero that is link & miss I am sorry for destroying your planet samus aran.

    inter-team conflict/romance

    NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.

    Honestly, really over female lead and male lead getting together.

    I dont think nintendo franchises belong as movies. They are usually heavy on the gameplay, lighter on the story (sometimes still good though!).

    Hhahaha, the overwhelming number of "No"s is so funny

    I'm a big Marvel fan and I don't rate GotG that high(like 7/10), but ppl seem to go nuts over it. It had a couple of cool scenes but there are a lot of better Marvel movies.

      my friends and i were debating this. for me, this is up there with my favourite, being ironman 1.
      marvel movies since the avengers, seem to be all leading to the infinty gem/thanos culmination story arc - as such, almost any sequel seems to be filler - example, thor 2. caveat - i havent seen captain america 2 - the winter soldier.
      also, gotg while team based, is not as big as the X movies which feature many characters, many of which seem shoe horned in - focusing on just 5 allows the storyline to feel more natural, rather than 'how do we fit mutants y and z in to the scene somewhere?'

      in your opinion, what are the better movies?

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        I really appreciate that people have their favourite movies and some ppl might like certain ones over others, and I agree with your point about "filler" movies. My favourite Marvel movies are probably X-Men: Days of Future Past(9/10), Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier(8.5/10), and The Avengers(8.5/10).

        The two factors that I mainly use to give it these scores personally are things like 1)Was it an enjoyable movie?, and 2) Was it true/faithful to the comic books and how does it compare to other versions out there? So watching DOFP... I just really enjoyed that movie... it was entertaining to me(like the Quicksilver scene), had a decent storyline where I was wondering what would happen next, I appreciated the superpower aspect(like it doesn't matter if Magneto drops a gun... it's still a weapon, also there was a variety of powers)... and while they didn't have the iconic costumes, it still just worked really well. I hate the "retard helmet" of movie Captain America, but again they didn't really do anything wrong, good storyline, and you start to feel like he's Captain America. If you want to know how I think Captain America should be, check out the Marvel vs Capcom intro where he deflects a helicopter. The Avengers is the same.

        GotG is... well it's enjoyable, and it's mostly correct, but it wasn't as gripping for me. Cool scenes I've mentioned, but it just seemed a bit shallow. Starlord was basically a human, Drax and Groot were tough guys(Groot having some better scenes), Gamora is a fighter, and Rocket who I was looking forward to the most had a couple of cool scenes but seemed a bit fake and tryhard. The storyline is they're trying to get a gem, and stop Ronan from getting it. GotG was never close to being one of the most popular comic books, and character appeal is important.

        Thor 2 is basically Star Wars. It's not really bad or great... but for me, when I see and read about Thor, I'm expecting the "God of Thunder". Trying to explain it away by technology and being alien just makes it mis-characterized, and his powers also seemed tame compared to the comic books. Things like Superman picking up a car or taking machine gun fire, etc makes you appreciate him as a superhero. Thor should be similar... and there wasn't a gripping storyline to make up for this shortcoming.

    There are no humans in Starfox. It would be creepy and alienating and god I hope you were joking about adding Krystal for sex appeal. I love this series, but its story is told through games, the way it should be.

    Yes, i want a Star Fox live action movie. And as a bonus it could cross over with a future Guardians of the Galaxy film. That and Metroid.

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