Did Guardians Of The Galaxy Make You Want A Live-Action Star Fox Movie Too?

Guardians Of The Galaxy was a pretty spectacular movie. With its rogue's gallery of likeable heroes, thrilling action set pieces and lashings of PG-friendly humour, it was arguably the best Marvel superhero movie to date. It also proved beyond doubt that a Star Fox movie would totally work.

Okay, lets get the obvious comparison out of the way first. Rocket Raccoon is Fox McCloud — they're both cocky anthropomorphic spaceship mercenaries of the carnivora order who regularly indulge in feats of heroism despite "only being in it for the money". Sure, Rocket is a bit crasser and has more criminal leanings, but otherwise they might as well be the same character.

The fact that Rocket completely stole the show is a pretty good indicator that mainstream audiences would lap Fox up. Plus, the CGI effects in Guardians Of The Galaxy has shown that the creation of walking, talking animals in a live-action movie is 100% achievable. (Hell, that gun-totting furball out-acted most of the human cast with his eyes alone.)

In addition to the Raccoon factor, there's further crossover appeal to be found in the property's setting and overall tone. Basically, anyone who enjoyed Guardians Of The Galaxy will probably dig Star Fox: The Movie — both have large-scale space battles, a squad of highly outlandish characters, inter-team conflict/romance and an attractively quirky tone.

Throw in a period pop soundtrack and some anthro sex appeal via Krystal and you've got a surefire hit on your hands. It even has "Do a barrel roll!" as a built-in catchphrase-cum-tagline! This could be the cash-cow/canidae that Nintendo is desperately in need of.

Well, it'd be better than Super Mario Bros., anyway.

Did Guardians turn you into a Star Fox movie believer? Or am I just talking bollocks again? Are there any other video game series you'd like to see adapted for the big screen? Have at it in the comments!


    Yes actually! I'd love to see the whole crew, if they can make ninja turtles a live action they could do Starfox, as long as they don't turn it into something far from starfox, it would be awesome to watch!

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