EA Access Is Now Live On The Xbox One

EA Access Is Now Live On The Xbox One

That didn't take long! Electronic Arts just said its newly-announced subscription service EA Access is officially live on the Xbox One. That means all gamers who own Microsoft's current-gen console can download the app through the app store and start using it today for $6.99 in Australia, or a full-year subscription for $39.99.

For a more thorough breakdown on how EA Access will work, make sure to read our interview with EA about the new service. Or you can check out its website if you're into that sort of thing.


    So, are there actual benefits to using this "service"?

      10% off games and dlc, I can trade bf4, fifa and madden in and almost pay for the year. Totally depends on if you play the games or not!

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      Do you like battlefield and sports? If so yes.

      If no to the above, then it's not for you.

      The biggest benefit is probably to sports fans, who can just upgrade to the new version every year easily, and a week early.

    With games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mirror's Edge 2 on the horizon, I can see how it could be good value (especially if you're a sports fan as well). But personally, I'd rather own the games.

    Yeah, here's hoping the service falls flat on its face.

      Why? It's not unreasonably priced, offers reasonable incentives. At $40 for a year, with more games being added, I don't see everyones problem. I almost paid for it by trading my old EA games in!

        because "insert obligatory stab at EA...because EA"

        You are at the whim of EA, and lets be honest they do not have a good track record. Even with 10% off games, its still cheaper to import from overseas, and a 60gig game will use up most peoples downloads, and tie up the internet for days.

        I can only imagine that EA will screw this up so bad, it makes microsofts xbone e3 reveal look good.

          It's Xbox One, anyone buying digitally from the AU store is a sap. Region switch to US, buy games 30% cheaper (ie, import prices), then switch back. 10% off that most definitely beats import game prices.

            I would do that, but im afraid if/when ms catch on and either return the cash or demand the balance (or worse) before being able to play the game/s. Region switching won't let me use my credit/debit cards and im not too keen on fraud that could interfere with my rights to the licenses etc. If there is a better way that doesn't involve fraud, but allows me access to the US prices I'd be happy to use it.

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              I have a comgateway address, so really it all comes down to my AU credit card. Even then you could buy a US credit card.

                With a fraudulent address? Hmm I'll stick with being ripped off.

                  Sorry, I meant US pre paid credit card. I'm not advocating getting an actual credit card with a dodgy address :p

          I use the whole buy 1 digital copy and your "network" (my fiancé) gets access to my licenses and live on our second x1. She wants to play games like Destiny and GTA Online with our group, which she is a part of. If it was just for me, I'd be buying the physical copies of everything from overseas. It's not though.

          In regards to downloads, im a gamer. I haven't been on any plan that has less than 200gb per month for over 5 years.

            you can download 4 games a month then, or maybe 5

              Yeah, that's about what I buy. Except the last couple of months... They've been a bit quiet.

              FIFA was under 10gb, Madden was 13gb ish. I'm one of those pretty anal people about downloads, just to make sure I don't disrupt the rest of the households gaming/streaming, I'll do them over night by putting the x1 in sleep mode and then waking it up and shutting it down fully during the day. Download management isn't that hard.

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            So your fiancé's xbox is set as your home console, and your console is set as hers? Only way I can see that working.

              Nah mine is the home console, with my profile being the one with live. She can access live and all my games on hers (as long as I've downloaded them using my profile). It's a 2 for 1 deal.

                Strange, I tried it with my brother and it only works on his console if I'm actively logged in, unless I have his console set as my home console.

                  Oh yeah, you have to be logged in. But that's no drama, now that the x1 has auto log in as an option.

          Exactly what I was getting at. I mean, if EA comes out with something we have the RIGHT to be suspicious.

        No because I am sick of not owning anything. Sick of subscriptions. Adobe, Microsoft everything is becoming subscription based and I disagree with that. Nothing to personally do with EA, but that being said I do not think that highly of them. They do not have a good track record so why should we think this will be any different? Something new like this comes up and you think "WOW THIS IS SO AWESOME LETS BUY INTO IT" straight away without considering their history.

          I realised when I was a little child that I didnt own anything in terms of media. All I ever had was a license to use the media. I got over that really early in life. As long as I keep everything above board, I shouldn't have problems. And I haven't!

      And I hope it does super well just to spite those arrogant aholes at Sony, I'm keen to get it just to get early access to dragon age inquisition and Fifa15

    Pertinent Question. Can EA (or anyone already using the service) confirm this query?

    Q. If I own the disc copy of , say Battlefield4 - and it's already installed on my HDD (from the disc) - would an EA Access subscription allow me to play my already installed disc version - without needing the disc in the tray? Or would I need to download the "EA Access" version?

    It wouldn't be a make or break thing for me, but I'd be interested to know...

      i believe you would need to redownload the ea access version, as the installed disc files have security algorithms that search for a disc. For security reasons i extremely doubt that MS would allow existing installations to be patched in this manner as that would open the doors to all kinds of exploits.

      I Stand corrected!

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        Fair enough. I thought it unlikely too. Maybe there'll be someone to confirm or deny this being the case.

        Nope, converting disc installs to digital has worked since Day One.

          Wow! That's good to know! It might well be worth $3.33 a month not to have to put the disc in for my copy of BF4. Maybe. I own Peggle 2, BF4 and FIFA - (don't own NFS or UFC, but I do own PvZGW) - so Madden would be the only title I'd need - and even then I'd probably just muck around with it for a few hours....

          But $3.33 a month isn't much in the general scheme of things....

      Xbox One has been set up since day one so it can have varying licences for the exact same game. So even if you install a game from disc and buy it digitally later, you don't need to re-install, it just works. The only difference between the disc version and digital is the licence.

    kinda wish sony let customers decide if there was value in the service, rather than knocking it back straight up. I would have subbed for a year.

    What will you do when BF4 is removed from the Vault,games will be added,and removed!!!!!

    On one had... the choice could have been nice.. On the other hand... this is rather meh for me, considering that I have no idea what to expect from it in the long run. I was the same with PS+, I didn't jump right in. (And if I didn't already have it before I got the PS4, I still wouldn't have it yet)

    We should be very careful about which 'payed for' services we give the 'green light' with our wallets, so to speak, because we don't know what it'll lead to down the road. (And we all know that the consumer gets less value every year.)

    Take this for instance, it's obviously been inspired by PS+. But thats not the issue. The real issues are:
    A) These services often start off with better value than they intend to keep in the long run.
    B) They spawn other sub-subscription services and paywalls.

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