Fantastic Optimus Prime Figure Lights Our Darkest Hour

Fantastic Optimus Prime Figure Lights Our Darkest Hour

Hot Toys are releasing an Optimus Prime figure. I know you can't see it, but my wallet is suddenly flapping around like a bat, and I'm having a devil of a time trying to catch it.

The 30cm figure, based on Prime's G1 design, is actually Starscream-inspired, and for whatever reason - I can't remember this ever happening - has the Autobot leader rocking Starscream's wings and arm cannons.

It looks pretty stupid, so thankfully you can remove them all and just have Prime standing there in his articulated, highly-detailed glory. I've got an old masterpiece Prime, which I thought was going to be the ultimate Optimus figure for the rest of time (and in some ways might still be, since this one doesn't transform), but I guess his reign had to come to an end sooner or later.

Be warned: he's selling for $US350.

Fantastic Optimus Prime Figure Lights Our Darkest Hour
Fantastic Optimus Prime Figure Lights Our Darkest Hour
Fantastic Optimus Prime Figure Lights Our Darkest Hour


    350 and doesn't even transform, boo.

      Yeah for $350 I'd want him to transform and the trailer too.

    How dare you call King Starscream stupid.

      I always wondered where cartoon characters got those flexible trumpets from...

    Yeah nah, as nice as this is, Masterpiece OP is a much nicer looking toy, a fraction of the cost, transforms and doesn't need some weird Starscream gimmick.

    Doesn't mean I won't be keeping an eye on what else TF they might release in the future, since a gap recently opened up in my display.

      Aren't master piece $250+ I wouldn't exactly call it a fraction of the price

      Also for the guys above, it's a hot toys figure I don't think they give a damn about you complaining it won't transform good luck trying to get them once they sell out hahaha

      Personally not a fan, i rather my marvel and dc stuff

        I paid about $200 for my OP with trailer from target back when I got him. To me $200 vs $350 for a non-transforming, gimmicky Optimus without his trailer, is a fraction of the cost.

          Either you're talking about the Hasbro MP-01 or you got very lucky. You can't get the MP-10 Prime with trailer for anything close to $250 these days, unless you want the year of the horse version (weird colours).

            It wasn't 'these days' though, it was back in 2008.

              I think you're talking about different figures. In 2011, the MP-1 figure was replaced by the MP-10 which is a new mould, in scale with other MP toys, more accurate dimensions, etc. This one was never released for anything close to $200, even the Hasbro version.

                Actually, at no point did I say it was the MP-01 or MP-10. I'm talking about the MP-04. You're coming across like you think I'm lying or something? Which why would I?

                I bought Masterpiece Optimus Prime with trailer for $200 from Target in Melbourne back in 2008. This is not my image, but this is what I own:

                Last edited 22/08/14 8:23 am

    A Hot Toys release... The bane of wallets everywhere.

    A Transformer that doesn't Transform is an er. Who would pay $350 for an er?

    Also MP Optimus with Trailer is about $350, but incredibly awesome.

    A transformers figure that doesn't transform.. and for 350 too... hahaha

    The hip looks wrong :( Don't like it.

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