Custom Transformers Devastation Optimus Prime Figure Imitates Art

Custom Transformers Devastation Optimus Prime Figure Imitates Art

This is not a screenshot. It is not a piece of two dimensional fan art. This is a fan-modded Optimus Prime action figure. Seriously.

Though some folks took issue with its length, Transformers: Devastation turned out to be a rather solid video game. It was also inspirational, at least for figure modder LEK Custom Toys via Super Punch). They took a Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure, which is lovely enough on its own, and did this:

It’s paint-based illusion at its finest. Not only did LEK do the figure, they did Optimus’ trailer as well.

The entire trailer, inside and out.

Optimus looks like a screenshot, or something you’d find in the artist alley at a fan convention. The effect is overwhelming. Check out the work in progress shot below — it looks like he’s holding a cartoon.

For those of you whose taste run a little bit darker and more inept, LEK also did this:

Yes, his stupid cassette recorder mode as well.

Check out the full gallery of Optimus Prime (and Soundwave, I suppose) at LEK’s Facebook page. I am going to go try and transform into something with a fraction of their talent.


  • I believe that Mike should be fired for insinuating that Soundwave is anything less than one of the greatest Transformers ever.

    • I could understand the ‘inept’ comment if we’re talking Starscream but I think Mike just doesn’t know shit about Our Lord And Saviour – Soundwave; the most badass Decepticon ever.

      • Or Megatron. King of the inept and bungling in the G1 cartoon. The only person that built a giant purple gryphon for, uh… Reasons. Or the time he had the Heart of Cybertron and enough power to destroy the Autobots… And got drunk on the way there he was so drunk with power. Oh, and using an invisibility spray in a ploy to turn the Autobots evil (Yes, instead of the obvious benefit of Just shooting them)

        And then there was B.O.T. Less we say about that level of idiocy, the better. Soundwave and Starscream give him ‘You can’t be this dumb’ looks in the episode even.

        Attacking Autobot city in the movie is the only smart thing Megatron ever did. His rational is dangerously flawless, which results in nearly the entire season 1 and 2 cast of Autobots being killed. And then the idiot stood within striking distance of a not-quite-dead-yet Optimus Prime with his back to a 60 meter drop to gloat. So close, and yet… So far.

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