Like XCOM, But In The Wild West? You Have My Attention.

Like XCOM, But In The Wild West? You Have My Attention.

"In a nutshell, Hard West is a turn-based squad tactical with adventurous world exploration. Think X-Com combat with Heroes of Might and Magic world map". Well hello there perfect game description.

Hard West, currently on Kickstarter, is looking very much like its sales pitch: you explore a Wild West overworld then, when it's time to get down to business, you switch to a turn-based tactical mode. Where, yes, you can flip saloon tables, make fancy trick shots off the environment and empty six-shooters into swarthy villains.

If you're thinking this looks awfully polished for a Kickstarter game, the studio behind it is made up of a bunch of developers who have worked on series like Call of Juarez and Dead Island.

Hard West is looking for $US70,000. You can back it (or check out more info) here.


    I've always been surprised at the relative lack of Wild West games. Thought as genres go it'd be much more prevalent.

      I agree, it's got it all in my opinion, pistols, whips, rifles, horses, whores, outlaws, dodgy sheriffs, whiskey, smoking, particular after the roaring success of Red Dead Redemption.

      I call it the trinity of under exploited game settings: Wild West, pirate, dinosaurs (yes 'dinosaurs' is a setting).

      Why aren't there more games using these amazing settings? Pirates and cowboys are so colourful and interesting. Dinosaurs are actual non-fictional giant monsters we dreamed about as children. Yet the biggest selling game is about soldiers who all have the same gun/haircut/uniform.

      Actually, what about a game involving pirates, dinosaurs AND cowboys!

        Cowboys riding plesiosaurs and fighting pirate ships.


    Already posted about 2 days ago....

      as far as i understand it, Logan works for the Australian version of Kotaku, Luke for the US version.

      the Au site gets a number of articles from the US site automatically republished.

      Luke writes his piece a few days after Logan, the article automatically gets republished, so we get the occasional bit of duplication.

      its not a huge deal. & its not something you can blame the authors for.

    How much money do people think they actually need? Their Kickstarter photo shows a team of 19 people...

    I always wanted to see a game based on DOOMTOWN, it was a CCG with an awesome back story.

    Call of Juarez Gunslinger and Red Dead Redemption are both games I loved to death and marathoned through. I could not put them down. I point this out cause I really do not dig a western setting myself.
    If this can bring that same enthusiasm then I am sold.

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