Microsoft Says Free Xbox Live Game Download Was An Error

Microsoft Says Free Xbox Live Game Download Was An Error (UPDATE)

For a while there, it looked like Xbox One owners might soon be able to download and try out even more games from Microsoft free of charge. But Microsoft says that the screen teasing this possibility was an error.

First spotted overnight by Reddit users who who've downloaded the latest XB1 firmware beta, a tile featuring Press Play's drawing-centric platformer Max: The Curse of Brotherhood was touting a Free Play Day initiative, which looked like it might have been a evolution of Microsoft's Games With Gold program. That's the Xbox Live feature which lets paid subscribers add free games to their personal libraries every month.

Microsoft's official statement follows:

"A promotional tile for 'Max: Curse of the Brotherhood' was posted briefly on the US dash in error yesterday. We apologise for any inconvenience. We're constantly exploring different ways to offer more benefits to our Xbox Live Gold members and will keep them updated when special offers become available."

Picture: Reddit


    Well they stuffed up the pricing for Diablo 3 for a good three days, with it being the same price globally (great for us, terrible for the poms), so they were obviously having troubles this week.

      Yep I got mine for $59 and I downloaded it on two xbox's for the price of one :)

      I got it for around $60 Wednesday morning. Was it not supposed to be that price?

        Nope, back up to straya tax pricing now.

      I also got mine for $59.95. It's the first game I've bought digitally because of the cheaper price, I wouldn't have bought it digitally otherwise.

      So, hopefully someone at MS is looking at a graph of how many more Aussies bought D3 when it was at the cheaper price.

      I'd buy every single game digitally if they were $59.95

    Wait what? I've downloaded this game for free already through being an xbox gold member?

    ahhhhh, just read it was for US peepz.... very confused :(

      Bearing in mind, that was a title available a month or so ago. If someone only joined XBL gold now they would not have access to the game for free.

    They are obviously seriously considering something like this otherwise there is no way it could have ended up in the final firmware, even in error.

    just checked xbox shop to see if diablo still has the price issue dknigs mentioned. Could not see it, but clicked on Metro last Light and the price for that is $289.95!!!! Same with 2033!! WTF!!!!!! so nearly $600 for both games????

      That has to be an error theres no way its $300 for a game. unless the game comes with hookers and crack delivered.

      They've only enabled preloading and preorders today, I'm guessing they're glitches in the system. Madden 15 is the only one that is meant to be available as pre loading right now.

    Arghhh It was $59.95 since release but I had to wait until my new month started with my ISP to download it. Now I can download it, It's $79.95. Damn it. Missed out on that bargain.

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