Mod Is Bringing League Of Legends To DOTA 2

Mod Is Bringing League Of Legends To DOTA 2

It's like mixing Coke and Pepsi.

A brave, perhaps slightly mad modder is working on bringing as much of League of Legends as he can to Valve's DOTA 2, from LoL's champions to its creeps.

Those champions are being imported "1:1", meaning its not just the 3D models being brought over (though these are being reworked since the importing process roughs them up a little), but their traits and specs as well.

Which means, yes, you can pit LoL champions against DOTA 2's heroes.

You can follow the project's progress here.


    The problem is that due to denying being a big thing in Dota there will be a couple of League champions that are absolutely dirt tier.

      I assume that if they are trying to recreate LoL in dota they will remove denying

      Denying barely makes a difference compared to things like turn rate and the completely different approaches to crowd control.

      Pretty much all CC in Dota lasts for much longer than in LoL.

    Please don't bring that abomination to dota. We don't need more kids

      But Volibear!
      I don't know anything about LoL really, but polar bear anything = awesome

    Has anyone actually mixed Coke and Pepsi together?
    Is it as bad as we would believe?

      Does time and space still exist? Then no

    you dawg, we heard you mobas you can moba while you moba

    I honestly prefer LoL because the HUD isn't as cluttered as the DotA 2 HUD and the Map being on the bottom left really shits me off as I will click on it to move half of the time. I find the shop system and heroes easier to use. But DotA 2 definitely does have its benefits, denying the farm, a courier to transport items, secret shops, looks much better. It's all about personal preference, I choose LoL.

    If it was DotA 2 characthers in LoL it would certainly be interesting as I do like some of the DotA characters.

      Yeah they eventually added a change whereby you can place the minimap on the bottom right corner instead - which makes more sense, but then I found that I couldn't adjust to it.

    I started playing DOTA 2 first so I prefer that one.

    But I don't get the whole fight between the two fans. Much like the console wars. Who cares, just play what you enjoy.

    So one of the key changes it going to be the removal of most of the clothing of the all female characters and the enlargement of their breasts to ridiculous sizes?

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