More Than A Minute Of Mayhem From The Heavenly Sword Movie

More Than A Minute of Mayhem from the Heavenly Sword Movie

Here's a new clip from the upcoming Heavenly Sword movie. There are a lot of ninjas in it. Ninjas who ride giant kites. Let's watch them die.

You'll hear Anna Torv reprise her performance of main character Nariko in this 90-second preview from the movie adaptation of the PS3 game, which is due out next week. Watching it just reminds me of how well the Heavenly Sword game managed to channel the beautifully impossible fight choreography of really good martial arts movies. Might be time to find that disc and give the game another go. The Heavenly Sword movies hits DVD, Blu-ray and digital storefronts on September 2.


    Looking forward to watching this because I like mocking movies and watching the world burn.

    This looks really bad. Actually reminds me of the pre rendered cut scenes of early ps2 games.

      Yeah that can't be final quality surely. It looks like previz.

    The movement appears to be too slow and deliberate, like an overly choreographed martial arts scene being acted out by non-martial arts profficient B-Grade actors

    Never played the game, but imo the fighting choreography looks silly. So much unecessary spinning, rolling and twirling. Ip Man this is not.

    Looks like it was animated in Second Life.

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