Nintendo Finally Brings 1986 Video Game To America

Nintendo Finally Brings 1986 Video Game To America

It's taken more than 25 years but a NES game made by Nintendo itself will finally be coming out in North America. You may have seen or heard homages to The Mysterious Murasame Castle in Nintendo games but the real deal comes to the 3DS this week. Get ready, but this sucker looks hard.

Originally released for the Japanese Famicom system in 1986, The Mysterious Murasame Castle is a top-down action game like the early Legend of Zelda titles. (The trailer above is for the European release.) Players control a lone samurai storming multiple castles in feudal Japan, with the goal of destroying an alien presence that's sowing evil through the land. It features music from Koji Kondo, the man most famous for composing the Super Mario Bros theme.

The game's main character has showed up in cameos of other games, like Samurai Warriors 3 for the Wii and the Takamaru's Ninja Castle section of Wii U launch title Nintendo Land drew its inspiration from Mysterious Murasame Castle. Nintendo briefly showed the original game in action at Comic-Con two weeks ago and it seems like it's a super-challenging game.


    What is with the nintendo articles on Kotaku? If it's not an article about Legend of zelda or Mario, then it's general Nintendo babble, maybe its just me?

      Imagine that, articles about a videog game developer and publisher on a video games news website.

      Odd, huh?

      Not entirely just you, but probably significantly so.

    Good news after showing link's spritual bro as an assist trophy, we'd might as well give the west on virtual console the game that he appeared in, I think there might be more good news with another nes exclusive character appearing as another assist trophy, with another rumor his game too might come on the virtual console

    Am guessing this will be either the next Smash Bros character reveal or the next remake for the Big N.

    This has been available in Australia for a while now

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