No Man's Sky Is Coming To PC, Too

If you own a PS4, odds are very good to moderately likely that Hello Games' No Man's Sky is at the top of a shopping list, somewhere. Those in possession of other platforms have had little choice but to glare, with intense jealously, in your direction... oh wait, not you PC people! You can join in the fun as well, you'll just have to wait a smidge longer.

Sean Murray, Hello Games' managing director, has spilled the legumes in a feature in the next issue of Edge, according to GameSpot's Alex Newhouse. Murray reportedly says that the developer "always had PC in mind" and while it has described the game as "console-y", this translates more into how the game plays ("solid framerate and immediate controls"), rather than being an iron-clad contract that Sky never leaves the world of living room gaming hardware.

The Edge feature goes on to explain why the PS4 was selected as the lead platform, with the constraints of the console actually helping Hello Games hammer the game into shape:

Its reasons encompass more than just limited resources, as well. Murray stated that focusing on the PS4 hardware gave the team the ability to maximize its procedural generation algorithms to make the environments as vivid and full as possible. "Unlike most games, the actual hardware really affects what we can do in terms of the richness of the worlds and things like that," he said. "It isn't just adding a veneer of resolution, or extra antialiasing options. It has a real effect on what we can actually do in the universe."

It isn't mentioned how long PC gamers will have to wait for the game after it hits the PS4, but I think we can all agree that the news it's being released on desktops at all is delicious news.

No Man's Sky Confirmed for PC, Is a PS4 Timed Exclusive [GameSpot]


    Oh I thought it was on all consoles.. Well I'm glad it's been confirmed for PC :)

    Well that's one less game I'm getting on PS4 then :P

    I thought it was pretty clear from E3 that it was coming to PC

      so did I but there was a bunch of sony fanboys making articles about it being exclusive which clouded things

    Hmm, i might consider getting this.

    I don't understand - this was NEVER a PS4 full exclusive. It was always a "timed exclusive", coming to PS4 first, other platforms later, including PC.

    I partly blame Sony for this as i felt they were not clear on many games during their presentation, with many people confusing timed/part exclusivity with full exclusivity. At least MS had a little graphic at the bottom of each trailer clearly saying in black and white what was timed and what was full exclusive. So many people, including people here on Kotaku thought it was PS4 exclusive and some were adamant it was.

    Last edited 02/08/14 3:01 pm

      Actually it was marketed as a console exclusive as yet you won't see it on Xbox, and Microsoft have brandished this type of marketing the same way Sony has dozens of times in the past.

      Last edited 02/08/14 3:18 pm

      Yeah, I remember when people kept on saying Titanfall was an exclusive, ditto Dead Rising 3

      At least MS had a little graphic at the bottom of each trailer clearly saying in black and white what was timed and what was full exclusive.

      They've both been doing it since day one using that phrase we all love, 'console exclusive.' If anything, that recent tweet with AC and CoD Xbox 'exclusives' is even more egregious.

    (“solid framerate and immediate controls”),
    I don't really associate console-y with solid framerate. I associate it more with "intuitive design" than anything else.

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