One Man’s Acapella Tour Through Video Game History

One Man’s Acapella Tour Through Video Game History

One man. 21 video game theme songs. A whole lot of really, really silly costumes.

Yeah, so this is pretty intense. Man of a thousand vocal pitches “MrDooves” has traveled through video game history on a harmonious time magic carpet of song. From Pac-Man to Tetris to Doom to Final Fantasy VII to Metal Gear to Halo to Uncharted, not to mention everything in between, the man sings his heart out.

He also hits some high notes that are not of this world.

That said, he’s no Smooth McGroove — even if he’s close. Few men can aspire to such lofty, bearded heights.

With this out of the way, can someone do, like, an alternative history of games in acapella? I feel like we get all these well-known classic tunes, but what about games a bit more off the beaten path? Give me a Mischief Makers acapella collection. Or Legend of Legaia. Or Shaq Fu. (Or a bunch of weird porn games or something. I don’t know. There are a lot of different parts of gaming history we don’t talk about so much.)


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