While You Were Sleeping

It's Wednesday. There's news to be read. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping.

Titanfall. It no longer has that vague '2014' date it used to have. It now has an actual proper date upon which you can rock up to the store and purchase it. That date is March 11, 2014. Good news I think. The game has looked super polished since Respawn started showing it, but I had that weird, bad feeling it might have been a late 2014 game. Good to know it's coming sooner rather than later.

Hey everyone, want to have some terrible nightmares? Why not take a peek at this new game featuring Pikachu. IT'S TERRIFYING.

What else? Well this League of Legends players makes almost $1 million a year. That's another thing that is terrifying. In a good way. Check out Kaz Hirai being all smug at the Japanese Grand Prix, and remember that acapella guy? He does Final Fantasy VII this time. It's predictably amazing.

In Short Titanfall Comes Out March 11, 2014 The Perks Of Being The Boss Of Sony Sneak Peek At The New Pikachu Game Is Scary League Of Legends Player Makes Almost 1 Million A Year The Final Fantasy VII Victory Music Sounds Incredible As Acapella


    Does this move Titanfall out of the reach of Destiny?

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