Putting The Photo Mode In The Last Of Us: Remastered To Good Use

Briefly: People are really putting the photo mode in The Last of Us: Remastered to good use. Who knew Joel's teeth had such a high level of detail? I bet he flosses.

(Via BurnYourLifeDown)


    Take a look, see these pearly whites! I ain’t seen teeth that straight weren’t store bought.

      Agreed. Them's not post-apocalyptic dentistry. Where's the tartar?

        Maybe they have run out of sugary teeth-ruining snacks?

    Here's mine, it's from the Left Behind DLC, no spoilers though. Some of the locations in this game, just amazing.


    I like that these games have a photo mode now, but I have to say, personally I thought Infamous had a more robust photo mode, the Last of Us it's still nice, but not as cool IMHO.

    Where's the clicker about to tear his jugular out though?

    My husband has been having the best time with the photomode. He'll stay up to 3am, and the next day show me how little progress he's made, but the 700 photos he took and edited. They are pretty good; lots of dance parties and romantic interludes.

    All games need this feature.

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