Remember This?

Oh yeah, back to winning days for Markie. I knew I was stepping things up a notch with yesterday's Remember This. Looks like you all need a second clue!

And just for reference, here's yesterday's image.

Good luck everyone!


    Battle toads if not that (and everyone of them should be as it kicked ass :P) morowind.

    Last edited 01/08/14 12:25 pm

      Except the third level with the bikes...

        Trying to remember how well i did on that level back in the day been so long.

        Might need a nes emulator to have another crack.

          Dont even bother its impossible, im pretty sure the devs never finished the game and instead were like "hey lets just make this level impossible! then take our fat stacks and go swimming like scrooge mcduck"

            too late time for an all night battle toads fest on my phone i think.

    Mark do you still accept user submissions on this? or do you have enough ideas for now?

    I'm thinking that's a turn based RPG. But I'm also thinking it might be a Metal Slug

    For some reason, it reminds me of the Egyptian level from I Have No Mouth and i Must Scream.

    That floor design looks like something from one of the Paper Mario games. Really not sure though.

    The image's name is Elder.jpg so is it Daggerfall or Arena?

      nice spot he changed the bottom image to untitled but not the top.
      probably one of the early eldar scrolls games. looks like two dog type legs at the top corner


    Looks like Konkers Bad Fur Day, the bit where you fight the Mighty poo

    I kinda cheated though, having seen the filename, google image search helped this time.

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