Remember This?

Not only did someone correctly guess yesterday's Remember This... practically everyone correctly guessed yesterday's Remember This. Unreal. You have broken me again. I was having a good run there for a while, but the tides have turned.

Good luck with today's effort people!


    hmm, its either from Red Alert, Mech Assult or Jungle Strike

    It's not any of the C&C or RA titles and neither is it Total Annihilation. Dark Reign maybe.


    Damn it, I can perfectly visualise the game based on this screenshot but I'm completely at a loss for what it's called.

    Master of Orion 2

    Masters of Orion 2: Planetery view screen?
    Basing that on the bits of the buildings visible, I think one is a spaceport and the other is for shield generators.

      I think it's a planetary radiation shield on the left, spaceport middle, and a bit of the hydroponic farm on the right.

    I'd go with C&C Tiberian Sun. You can see the update slots of the individual modules, like extra reactors on the power plants.

      That terrain doesn't look like any I remember seeing in Tiberian Sun though. Nor do the buildings.

    I want to say Sid Meire's Alpha Centauri but I think I'm wrong :/ All the details are different.

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    N64 Version of Command and Conquer. That or Warzone 2100

    Reminds me of Deadlock: Shrine Wars or Deadlock: Planetary Conquest

    I usually pride myself on old RTS games, but the best guess I have here is Warzone 2100 (the buildings look kind of similar).

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    It's Master of Orion II. The image of the building's edges is so familiar.

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    Unreal? Isn't this the previous "Remember This"?

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