Remember This?

[Scrolls through comments feeling smug. No-one has guessed yesterday's Remember This.]

[Last page. Last comment. Posted at 11.05pm last night]

Metroid Fusion?


Goddamn it energydrinkhigh, right at the last minute you guessed yesterday's game correctly. It was Metroid Fusion. Nice job.

Good luck with today's game.


    I was thinking spiderman ... how about Superman

      Superman64? Not enough fog.

    Spiderman 2 (2004 version, otherwise known as the best damn one ever)

      That game... oh man. I thought I was alone in a sea of ignorance - none of my friends had even heard of it. Then I found out Yahtzee was a big fan and took the trouble of checking the internet; turns out I'm not alone.

      So disappointed in every game since, though. And I hear the newest one has reverted to the old 'webs to heaven' style of swinging?? That was the best part!!!

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        and the guy who designed it did so in his off time (by breaking into work) and had his entire career at risk.

      I only played the first Spiderman game (2002 I think) and I loved the crap out of it. The second game was even better?!? Damn me for not buying it!

      Think you're right.
      Was a very good game, but to be pedantic, Full title is 'The Amazing Spider-man 2' :P

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        Actually, I cheated and you're not quite there either =P

          Possible correct answer
          That stupid movie site game Endless swing?

          Last edited 22/10/14 3:37 pm

            Woah, I just played Endless Swing and that's definitely it!

            Though, one question still remains; why on earth would Mark do this to us!!!?

              That is a good question, methinks he's running out of ideas for legit console/pc games?
              or going left field to try stump people :P i say bring on the pre 2001 newgrounds lists :D

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    if its not a spiderman game, my second guess would be Freedom Fighters where russian invades new york and you have to round up a bunch of allies to help free new york

    First thought was Spiderman [though which one, I don't know].

    But, my guess is going to be,


      Prototype is a good guess. I remember some of the graphics on the buildings being a bit gammy.

    Max Payne

      I don't think you're right in this case, but Max Payne always gets a thumbs up.

    Wait, what? How did I not recognise Fusion?? [/shame]

    Oh. Oh I see. Very sneaky, Mark.

    Duke Nukem 3D

    or perhaps

    Serrel Quest IX: Disciples of Prolapse

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