Some Good Stuff Coming To Mario Kart 8 In A New Update

Nintendo announced some good stuff that's coming to Mario Kart 8 in a new update alongside the... controversial Mercedez Benz DLC pack. They're incremental tweaks, but they sound like welcome improvements all the same. Here are the ones I'm looking forward to:

  • Players will be able to display a map of the racetrack on their TV screen.
  • The game will save the player's most recent vehicle combination for the next time they it up.
  • Players will be able to edit one another's highlight reels.
  • "Improved online stability," which is always a good thing in my book!

I'll take the game out for a spin once the update officially lands and report back then.


    I didn't see *Fixed Battle Mode

    *cries softly*

      The worst part about Battle mode is that it's clearly just pure lazieness in re-using the tracks. If they had of tried something new and it didn't work as well, that would suck a little, but laziness is far more of an insult.

    Is there a way to region filter online play? I haven't had a single game where I don't drop out.

      I think you can already play online by Region. I haven't tried that myself but I assume it'll just be Australia only?

      Otherwise, a few of us from Kotaku AU play regularly together, so you (or anyone else) are welcome to join :). I think the tournament code is 6219-0979-9527 and we usually play at 7:30 on Monday

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      Might be an issue with your router, the Wii u has router issues. I have never droppers out of Mk online.

      There already is a 'region-play' mode but for us it isn't great. Nintendo seems to think Australia is part of Europe, even though we get slower connection speeds there than to North America.

        Well until the 1940's, all aussies considered themselves brits, which is European. Ah another way that nintendo has trolled us with with a historical reference.

      I play on global, and I generally have no issues apart from some lag now and then. I get the occasional disconnect but nothing too bad.

      Same issue here, I've gotten maybe 3 matches down? It's awesome because apparently I am pretty good (at least against who I've matched with) and I want to see where I end up. Maybe I'm in the noob end still?

      Always dropping out. I think it may be my slower connection though? Just waiting for NBN in a month or two. At least it will be here in time for Smash!

    Apparently there'll be a stat screen too to check win/lose, total amount of coins etc.

    Honestly most of these small updates should've been there from the start but I'm glad they're at least coming. Better late than never I guess!

    And although I never really played Battle Mode in past games I don't know why they ruined it :(

      I'm a little disappointed they aren't tweaking the item balance a little. There's just a few things that are slightly off about it, like 2nd place getting triple red shells while 8th place gets a single mushroom.

    Glad they're adding the track map to the screen, but that DLC, YUCK! Thank God it's free, no-one in their right mind would pay for it. Why couldn't they have given us some extra characters like Diddy Kong, I would've happily paid a few bucks for him.

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    fix the 59fps stutter
    fix the battle mode
    then I will purchase this game

    At least those first two points as well as the stats screen Greenius mentioned should have already been in the game.

    Hoping this isn't a sign of things to come.

    A list of all the changes would have been nice instead of cherry picking the ones you are interested in Yannick. :)

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