The Rarest Video Game Treasures In America's Coolest Game Store

The Rarest Video Game Treasures In America's Coolest Game Store

Video Games New York is a tiny, cramped gaming store that is full of all sorts of treasures (we even used to host a video segment there!). Every nook and cranny is full of ultra-rare oddities that you can buy. Here are some of them:

BuzzFeedVideo went to VGNY and freaked out looking at what they found. Some of the best stuff includes the Famicom 3D system, rare misprints of Resident Evil 4, mint copies of the Nintendo Fun Club News, PS2 Dev kits and the rare Pokémon typing game that never came to America.

Seriously, if you've never gotten a chance to go and you live near New York City, you gotta stop by.

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    "The rare pokemon typing game that never came to America".
    Funny that, I wouldn't call it rare here it's like no wants the thing!

      I bought it for my little brother and sister. It's not bad, if you take into account that it only wants you to type pokemon names rather than real words.

      actually saw it like three days ago at my local jb hifi for like $60-odd bucks.

    Did I seriously just see $40 for a Virtual Boy???

    I WANT!

    Ahhh, the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller. Apparently horrible to use but a cool collectible. Each one had unique blood spatter.

    OMG...I lived there for three years and never knew this existed...

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