Watch Dogs Cops Vs The Indestructible Crime Car

The law is the law in Watch Dogs. If you break it, you're getting gunned down — regardless of whether or not you happen to be human.

Or at least, that's what happens in this video by Tom Schneider where the police obsesses over trying to shoot down a car. Likely nothing more than an isolated bug, it's still kind of amazing to watch the cops completely ignore the player. You know, the person who actually has a wanted level? Nevermind that the car seems to be indestructible.

Welp, that's what you get for breaking the law, car.

Watch Dogs: Chicago's Finest [Tom Schneider]


    When I still load this up I play Watch Jerks.
    Go into another persons game, tailing is my choice. Muck about and get profiled ASAP. Then be a jerk while they try and gun you down.
    Current favorite:
    Drive away just enough they chase in a vehicle instead of shooting.
    Do a burn out waiting for them.
    When they arrive and jump out of their car to shoot you race off.
    Eventually knock their car of a bridge (or get them to do a jump after you into fighting while swimming!) or ram them enough. Either that or because you have kept them in sight the challenge of tailing them is complete.

    Sometimes you get someone with a sense of humour and a demolition derby breaks out. Otherwise it is all anger and guns followed by a splash.

      You can connect to other people's games in Watch Dogs? What kind of magic is this?

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