Watch The New Call Of Duty Blow Up A Bridge

Watch The New Call of Duty Blow Up A Bridge

Most of the Call of Duty news since Advanced Warfare was first announced has focused on the multiplayer. That's understandable. But it also means that one of the shooter franchise's other important assets hasn't had a chance to shine through: its unique ability to make blow up iconic pieces of architecture.

Cue giant bridge explosion:

Activision solved this problem today at the Microsoft Gamescom press event. The company offered up a seven-minute slice of single-player gameplay footage, in which we get a fresh look at Advanced Warfare's exciting new grenades and the superhuman jumping abilities made possible by the exoskeletons the characters wear. There are the sorts of small tweaks to Call of Duty's core gameplay that Advanced Warfare promises. But as is often the case with a popular series this firmly entrenched, the small changes can make a big difference when you're actually playing the thing.

Also, don't worry if you're scared that Advanced Warfare is shaking things up too dramatically. Because, I mean: a bridge gets blown up in this video. The Golden Gate Bridge, no less. Mass destruction of famous monuments is always a good thing in a Call of Duty game, if you ask me.


    So, this is part of the yearly Call of Duty checklist?

    #1 Improve fish A.I.
    #2 Add more explosions.
    #3 Add more dudebros overtones.
    #4 Lower killtimes.
    #5 Increase aim-assist.
    #6 Blowup famous monuments to get a cheap, kneejerk reaction.

    You know, it does get to a point where you're numb to the whole thing.

      The point of diminishing returns? Yeah, that began in 2009.

        When they blew up the Whitehouse in Modern Warfare 2 then tried to re-created CoD4s Nuke scene? Yeah, you can't exactly scale up from the Whitehouse.

          The really incoherent and extremely contrived retconned storyline (beginning in 2, but particularly in 3), along with a massive dose jingoism that even US Republicans would find a bit 'too much' to nut one out too didn't help it at all either. At least Trey throttled that back a little for BO2.

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            What, you weren't shocked moving through rich peoples houses having firefights?

              I have to admit, I was extremely worried about those job creators' respective well being. Thankfully, I didn't see any bodies there, so I knew there would be plenty of jobs available to help America recover.

      Yeah... that point was at least a few years ago now

    Did the video seem to lack a crapton of Sound Effects to anyone else?

    I guess this appeals to COD fans who don't play other FPS? Who haven't seen this exact thing many times before?

    I guess their direct influence of Crysis in the MP also extends to the single player.

    Or the other games that aren't coming to mind which have this exact same bridge sequence.

    Ahaha, self guiding noob tube, I can hear the crying already!

    I've skipped the last few CODs, but might jump back in for this one.

      dont do it! it's a trap

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    I'm really confused after watching this video....This is advanced warfare right? Thats why there are smart grenade thingys, drones everywhere and HUDs on everything.

    So why is it advanced and futuristic in parts, and old fashioned in others....e.g. His grenades literally hones in on the enemy, but he can't hit a van he's chasing (I mean those helicopters look like they were shooting lasers...)? He can scan for enemies behind cover, but can't find out whats inside the van without a blowing it open with a blowtorch (I mean even bomb squads today could do better)?

    The COD series was always clich├ęd and overdramatic...but at least there was some amount of effort in trying to make things make sense (didn't play Ghost so maybe it was already like this)

    Well they haven't tried doing Call of Duty in space ye-, oh... Consider the shark, jumped...

      It was jumped, then they circled back around jumped again, circled back around, painted it with mascara, lipstick, pissed all over it, tapdanced on its head then had a jumping party all over again...

    COD is awesome. it is a fun game to play and enjoy..... why get on the hate band wagon that everyone loves to ride together and jerk each other off, cheer up champs

    While I'm thinking to myself; "Aargh, more Call of Duty" I honestly can't help but fall in love with the science-fiction aspect of it.

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