What You're Seeing Is Advanced Warfare

Video: "What you're seeing is Advanced Warfare," says Kevin Spacey's Jonathan Irons at the start of this official gameplay launch trailer for November's instalment of the Call of Duty series. Well, there you go then.


    Reinventing Call of Duty multiplayer in a profound way

    This...means campaign will be lack luster. Again. Sure it looks good but I hope the Story mode is better

    Ah, so YOU are the guy who cares about Story Mode in a Call Of Duty game... Nice to meet you, mate!

      The last CoD I bought was MW3, and I never touched its multiplayer.

      I personally play through the single player campaigns and don't touch MP. Feeling a tad isolated there now?

      It was only in The first Modern Warfare that actually played multiplayer for the first time in any CoDs so yeah, I guess I do.

      MW1,2,3 had a great, cinematic single player campaign. The multiplayer was the same shit over and over.
      MW3 was the last one I played, and only to finish the story.
      Oh and the co-op missions, they were cool and challenging.

      And as much as I like Kevin Spacey, it still won't get me to buy this game

    Isn't it kind of sad how the old reviewing cliches keep getting wheeled out year after year?
    "Transcends the line between game and film"
    "Reinventing Call of Duty multiplayer in a profound way"
    What do either of those comments even mean?

      "Reinventing Call of Duty multiplayer in a profound way" is the one that always confuses me, so I'm not going to be shooting at the other guys this game?

      "What do either of those comments even mean?"

    The one this that bothers me the most is why they keep making CoD. They have a fuck tonne of cash, people and experience. MAKE A NEW GAME. I mean, look at the Souls series, you had Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1 & 2 and now Blooborne. Yeah they may play similarly but they are completely different games. I honestly would prefer if they made another FPS because that is what they are good at.

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