A Good Spot To Farm For Weapons In Destiny

Wow. That's a LOT of loot waiting to get picked up. YouTube user Completionist found the perfect spot on Venus to sit patiently as mobs of enemies roll in, ripe for the killing (he says Mars at first in the video, but that was an IRL typo).

It looks like it's granted him a decent amount of high-level legendary and rare weapons in the process, not to mention all the glimmer you can turn the rest into.

Fast forward to four minutes and thirty four seconds in if you need instructions on where to find this location.

Note that you likely won't be seeing the same field filled with green and blue orbs as Completionist has here until you've spent a copious amount of time farming out in that spot.

(via Reddit)


    hopefully this gets fixed, its this sort of thing that ruined D3

      Haven't tested myself, people on reddit seem to think the Completionist is misleading us and it takes significantly longer to get as many drops is on screen (3+ hours). It's just a spot that happens to have two faction's spawn points very close to it.. what needs to be fixed?

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        If it's not as easy as said then probably it's fine, but if it's still faster to get engrams like this rather than playing the game it will be to the great detriment to the game.

        Any time something like this came up in D3 that's all anybody did, and who can blame them, if it's more time efficient to not play the game as intended most people will use exploits like this. Becomes extremely tedious and kills the game.

          I tried it for ~40 minutes. Got two blue, one green. Not worth it when you could be playing through strikes, getting better loot and much more experience

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            Congratulations, I don't know why you're finding a need to continue pursuing this issue.

              Random passive aggression? Chill out bro!

                You're trying to debate if this exploit actually works or not with me and it's completely beside the point, if it doesn't work whatever it still doesn't change that exploits like this ruin games like this

                  It's not an exploit it's just continuous waves of enemies, I would hardly call this farming method an exploit....

              @piat For people like me who are reading this a day later.

              It's hard to understand things but the more you try the smarter you become.
              Maybe the next time you don't know why someone is doing something perhaps you could try understand why.

            That's rather unlucky for 40 mins, that's your bad luck / RNG :P

          What does it matter? Let people play how they want. I havent had problems finding groups/-ppl to play with in D3 or Destiny.

      Considering items can't be traded so there's no market for rares and it's just another way to grind for items that only really offer the advantage of making strikes/raids easier, I don't really see why it matters how other people grind.

        Well if every other person chooses to sit in a non-group area to grind all their items that effectively halves the number of people for the matchmaking content aka half the game.

    This is what bugs me about current loot based videogames. You spend all your time grinding for a weapon to make the game easier. There's no real sense of reward, you're just slowly pushing your number up slightly each time, then redoing the last task again because it wasn't high enough.

    Diablo 3 and Borderlands had a colour coded grading system. But the 'grey' items will always be completely terrible to whatever purple or gold coloured weapon you're currently equipped with. So why bother even having them in the game? Why bother having something that every single player will ignore?

    Oddly enough the one game that I thought got the current loot based system right was Darksiders 2. Where shit loot pickups could be feed to your current weapon to level them up, making it worthwhile to actually pick up all items rather then ignore everything that doesn't have all green arrows pointing up.

      Destiny has a degree of that luckily with dismantling for crafting materials, that unlike D3 are actually useful, but yeah the gear grind can be handled terribly, it's yet to be seen if Destiny will go the way of D3 or borderlands.

      Instead of dropping a bad weapon, they could also drop say $x/2 where x is the value of the weapon. For weapons that are say, 2 levels or more below your current weapon.

      Then don't play these type of games. Farming is the name of the game in loot based games. It's not frowned upon. It's a legitimate way to find the gear u want. Most of us farming have already beat the game, done the strikes, and are looking to up our amount of light. This is a grind. Not a single player game u stop playing when u beat it. Play your way and let others play theirs.

    Saw a level 20 something hanging around that very spot last night.

      I was there on Xbox One last night! But was doing an old patrol bounty from the day before and collecting the light thing for rep handins. I've tried that area for farming, it's not too bad but nowhere near as good as shown in the video. RNG is RNG -just a heads up, there's areas like that on all the planets (fast respawns) -I much prefer the area on Mars with the Vex and Cabal fighting and have had public events show up whilst farming nearly everytime I'm there.

    This spot is heavily overrated and this video exaggerates the drops you can get in that place. He'd have sat and farmed for hours to get that much loot. I use this spot for my 100 precision bounty or my 20 double kill with fusion rifle. Never seen anywhere near as much loot as this guy explains.

    Challenge yourself and be rewarded with shite, or sit in one spot mowing down a few thousand mooks and get epix. Fuck off.

      This. Last night I played with some buddies and killed 107 enemies with 84 precision kills and 11 ability kills. They had 27 and 22 kills, with 12 and 7 precision kills respectively. When the rewards screen came up I didn't get any loot, and they got two blue engrams lol,

      I don't mind because I'm taking the game pretty casually, but I can see why it'd drive some people up a wall.

    I noticed after I hit 20 and was messing about that even the lowest level mobs will drop engrams and rares for your approximate level, and not the level they are... When I saw this video I tested the spot out for about a half hour and got 1 blue engram, 3 green and 3 or 4 straight up gear drops.

    So yeah, I'd definitely say THAT many drops would require an extreme amount of time spent... I wager you'd average the same amount of drops just doing Strikes honestly.

      Yeah, I was mucking around near the area with the Walker Public event and the exhaust fans on Earth and had the same thing. I was just hanging around for the public events and ended up getting two blue engrams and a whole bunch of green ones from playing.

      I think you get more loot drops when you get precision kills?

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    I use this location for gathering Bloom & Patrol missions. It's really good spot for those 2 tasks, but nothing else IMO. I've seen legendary engrams, exotic gear & strange coins drop in the Crucible more than anywhere else. I got 4 blue engrams playing it myself in the space of half an hour yesterday.

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