Destiny 1 Xbox Players Can Now Finally Get Everything, Two Years Later

Destiny, a video game in which big publishers make mega-deals to deprive players of content and then somehow convince fans that this is a good thing, is no longer relevant thanks to the recent release of Destiny 2. But hey, Xbox players, at least now you can get Jade Rabbit.

Icarus, the previously PlayStation-exclusive PVP map from Destiny 1

As of this week, Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content is no longer PlayStation-exclusive. Weapons such as Zen Meteor and strikes such as Echo Chamber are now available to Xbox players, after being locked away from that platform for months and months. (You can find the full list on Reddit.) And it only took until four weeks after Destiny 2 came out!

Of course, this is one of the grossest practices in video games, and it's one that Sony has despicably turned into a selling point for its games. Come buy Destiny on PlayStation, because we paid Activision to keep weapons and maps away from other players. Because of these manoeuvres, Xbox players spent the same amount of money on Destiny only to get less game. None of these PlayStation exclusives were particularly great, as those remaining Destiny 1 devotees on Xbox will soon find out, but they were locked away nonetheless.

Meanwhile, in Destiny 2, PlayStation players are getting "a host of new exclusive content" that we look forward to seeing on Xbox just in time for Destiny 3. Video games!


    Aren't Sony also the ones that are blocking cross play with just about everyone else?

    As someone with neither console, the PS does look a whole lot more appealing, just due to the games they have. MS's new super console doesn't make any sense at all. What is it even for?

      They are but that's only because they are on top competitively. I want cross play as much as the next person but remember Microsoft resisted cross play last gen with the 360. Whoever's winning the race won't want it to happen. Sucks but true.

      The x1x is for people that have 4k tvs and want the best possible console experience for the price of < 1x a 1080.

    I'm a Destiny fan and a PS4 owner but this is a disgusting practice I have to agree.

    I hear you, timed exclusives suck. But it's not like it's a one way street as implied by this author. Microsoft are more than happy to use timed exclusives when it benefits them.

    So how about we focus on the problem of "timed exclusives suck" and not make it a console war battle of "Sony aren't looking out for Microsoft's customer's best interests".

      Pretty much.

      Microsoft have their own deals eg Rise of the Tomb Raider, PUBG and I think they've got some kind of deal on Battlefield. And let's not forget the time they paid $50m for timed exclusivity on the GTA4 expansions. Everyone does it and it's not going to stop.

        Seriously the GTA IV expansions was almost 10 years ago. And yet every time this topic is raised people dredge it up.

        No one mentions the DLC exclusivity that PS3 enjoyed for Assassin's Creed, the Arkham games and Battlefield 3 back in the day.

        The gaming press now pretends that Sony has only just started the practice this generation. I can tell you they were knee deep in it last generation as well. As is Microsoft

        They're both as bad as each other amd have always been

        Last edited 05/10/17 3:50 pm

        Time exclusive content needs to go, time exclusive games are fine either console will get it eventually. But timed content is a joke.

    Still waiting for the Sony exclusive Ant Man pack from Lego Avengers to materialise on the xbone...

    Eh, if content has to be tucked away as an exclusive, I'd rather it be content that isn't that great, as opposed to content that vastly improves the game. I'm not a Destiny player, but from what I heard, one complaint that hasn't been levelled at it is lack of content.

      The main complaint leveled at Destiny (1&2) has always been lack of content. That's true on PS with their extra maps/missions/weapons, which goes doubly so for xbox where you pay the same price for less content.

    As a primarily MS/NINTENDO gamer , this is the reason I wont be buying Destiny 2.

    Its totally within whomevers rights to buy and sell and gate off content from certain platforms. I also can choose whether i want to purchase an incomplete product for my platform of choice - or invest in another platform.

    In all honesty the only really awesome thing they were missing was the Jade Rabbit. Which, yes, was the very best gun in the whole game but beyond that nothing much

    Bungie's final !blam! you to xbox players.

    eh... I think nearly everyone is in agreement that this specific exclusivity arrangement is the most disgustingly anti-consumer behaviour in an industry that is consistently plumbing the depths of anti-consumer behaviour, but it's going to continue for the remainder of the ten year deal they've got with Sony.

    Still not enough to get me to pick it up on my ps4 instead of xb1, simply because xb is where all my friends are, and destiny - friends = meh. (but + friends = huzzah! Don't get me wrong i love destiny)

    It IS enough to make me think twice about both companies and where to spend my $ though. Hint: not at eververse. Although to be fair... I probably wouldn't do that anyway, I like my money too much.

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