A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

When you started Destiny you picked the blue skin that looks oh so ravishing with the soft pink hair, but what about your gear? Sure, you're going to go for stats over fashion (most likely), but that doesn't mean you have to be limited in your aesthetic options.

My armour is pretty great, but it didn't have those shades of rose and pink and a pastel variation of pink that you see above there until I got my first Shader. I got mine as a gift after I hit level 20, which is when the ability to use Shaders unlocks, but you can buy others of many different colour schemes for whatever suits you best.

Shaders are basically gear add-ons that you can equip to give your outfit a bit more style. You'll find vendors in town that will trade them to you for the right glimmer price. There are a few of them out there, one for each faction and one that will hand you your Shader in exchange for a code (if you have that, instead).

But what might those shaders look like? Unfortunately you can't preview your character's potential new threads before you buy them, but fortunately the community of gamers out there on Reddit's Destiny hub have been quite resourceful. We've already got a handful of Shaders with their corresponding images to get you started.


A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

Aurora Blur

A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty


A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty


A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

Double Banshee

A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

Jester Apogee

A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

Jester Shader

A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

Lunar Elegy

A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

Oracle 99

A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

Polar Oak

A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

Provincial Royale

A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

And here are a bunch more

A Guide To Making Your Destiny Character Extra Pretty

What do you think? Any that catch your eye? Or maybe you've found awesome ones on your own... let us know! Share 'em down below.


    Black Smith looks sweet might have to get it for my titan

      Have to pre-order the new COD to get it.

    This is actually a really handy article. I've been frustrated with how sparse the information in-game is. You can't preview Shaders, you can't check your stats/medals in-game, there isn't a reputation tab, achievements don't track progress via the XBOX One app (or display in-game), it doesn't even tell you what you get for gathered resources at the vendor (spoiler alert - 50x Spinmetal is +25 rep and some glimmer).

      Also I believe the spin metal and the other material alike is for upgrading legendaries/exotic armour/weapons wish I had known before wasting 50 spin metal

        Yeah. That's why I used spinmetal. Figured it'd be easier to replace. Although if I were smart I would have used Google. =P

      25 rep, glimmer and a reasonable chunk of XP, I actually went up a level turning in spinmetal & spirit blooms. Oddest level up I've had in a game for a while. Seems like all the resources give the same reward when you sell them, 25 of rep for whichever faction you sell to (crucible quartermaster in the central tower or vanguard quartermaster in the hangar), 250 glimmer and some measure of XP but I can't seem to find a way to view raw numbers of XP so I can't tell how much.

      Totally agree, all the little meta-stuff like ranks and marks are so obscure. You have to go visit vendors to figure out where you stand??? Ugh. For every great little feature there is in the game they stop and do a little poo on another.

        It's weird. It's not like Monster Hunter where they intentionally obscure meta content as part of the game. It really seems like they just didn't put much thought into the UI and slapped it together as they went. Items act one way and then similar items act completely differently. Six months from now they're going to be stuck rewriting how the game handles Emblems because we'll have run out of bank space thanks to minor event trophies (I assume Emblems will be the go-to trophy for limited run events).

          6 months? I'm already out of bank space.

          However, I think that anything you collect from the special orders counter can be repurchased for 1 glimmer. So I think I'll just hold onto the shaders I've earned via reward drops.

            Well it always takes four months to realise there's a problem and two months to implement a solution. That way you're forced to delete good but replacable items in order to store limited run but totally useless items. =P

    Feels kind of dumb that they completely locked cosmetic stuff like this until you hit level 20. I mean sure lock the really fancy ones away behind a level cap but let people use basic ones from the start.

    That way you don't have to wander around a bit disappointed that the new leg armour you picked up that has better stats than your old one looks kind of crap with the rest of your gear. There's been times in the game I've been wandering around looking like a Slaaneshi cultist who gets sick pleasure from having the most violently clashing colours possible, I mean sure I dress like that in real life but I play games to enact a fantasy, you know...

      Seems to be part of their mantra that 'the game begins at 20' which is fucking absurd if 'the game' consists of grinding PVP or the same half-dozen PVE maps on incrementally harder difficulty over and over and over and over.

        So what's all that stuff before you're playing the game then? For that matter, why not just start at 20?

        Last edited 14/09/14 7:17 pm

    Cytherean Bloom with Sunbreakers is the best.

    I really wish the shader vendor would actually get some new stock when the stock refresh happens. It's really annoying to keep seeing the same four shaders in there. I strongly suspect those are fixed and the 'stock refresh' only applies to the Emblems, which do change.

    Their are some shader codes on reddit that look cool rockin the all blue atm

    Why do they keep shoving this Destiny stuff in the PC section?
    They created sections then ignore them?

    I think the game looks like fun and if it ever comes to PC then I'll buy and play it, but it's not on PC so stop teasing me.
    Other than being in the wrong section, again, I like Tina's posts. Thank you Tina.

    Do these shaders apply to one set of armour and disappear the moment you find something better? Or do they carry over to your next set? Because otherwise isn't it just a waste of resources to buy them before your endgame gear?

      You can use them multiple times couple freebies:


      Last edited 15/09/14 8:06 am

      Your shader is an item like a trinket, weapon, etc. As long as you have one equipped all your gear comes out on the shader colour scheme except for your weapons and your Titan/Hunter/Warlock Mark (more or less a flag that goes on your belt).

    Found the most random shader as a rare engram. It's called, no joke, 18327496-64703388. What is that about?

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