A Video Game Finally Does The X-Men’s Rogue Justice

A Video Game Finally Does The X-Men’s Rogue Justice

How do you handle a hero like Rogue, whose ability allows her to siphon powers from any other character? MMO Marvel Heroes has come up with an elegant solution — give her all the powers.

Rogue has traditionally gotten the short end of the stick in Marvel video games. She’ll get her flight and super strength, but rarely has she gotten a chance to use her powers to their full extent.

Now available for purchase and play in the free-to-play online action role-playing game, Marvel Heroes‘ Rogue gets the flight and super strength she originally stole from Ms. Marvel, plus 90 additional to steal from heroes and villains in the game, 12 of which she can have active at any given time.

“Many Marvel games have included Rogue, but Marvel Heroes 2015 is the first to truly capture the essence of who Rogue is as a character,” said Jeff Donais, creative director of Gazillion via official announcement. “We weren’t content with just making Rogue a brawler or a hybrid of popular powers she has stolen, Rogue is one of the most versatile characters in the Marvel Universe and she deserved to be one of the most versatile characters ever created in an ARPG. “

That sounds like a hell of a lot of work. Not only is Rogue stealing powers, she’s changing form based on the powers she steals. And now every time developer Gazillion adds a new hero or villain to the game, they have got to figure Rogue’s talent into the equation. That’s dedication right there.

The Rogue pack for the free-to-play Marvel Heroes 2015 is now available for purchase for $US19.99.


  • They really have done an amazing job with her! Not only can you absorb multiple powers from heroes (including team-ups!) and villains alike, but if you feel like changing them up you can “forget” a power at any time and absorb another! And with three power bars to play with, you can have all of the borrowed powers at your fingertips.

    Definitely the most versatile character added to the game yet.

  • I thought Rogue would have been the easy one. She’s basically Kirby but she touches people instead of inhaling them. Though it would be incredibly entertaining to see her running around inhaling the X-Men and other Marvel characters.

    • +1.
      Yeah the dev’s must have played some dreamland/smash bros. There isn’t any other way I’d have done it.

    • Yeah, biggest update in quite a while. They’ve been around 200-400 meg prior to this one, but this patch not only added Rogue, but also Jean Grey’s powers review, the She-Hulk team-up, currency tab, Pet Cybernetics, and the Odin Event currently running this week.

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