Devil May Cry's Story Was Nonsense, And That Was Fine

Devil May Cry's Story Was Nonsense, And That Was Fine

There are some video games that you love and hate at the same time. The Devil May Cry reboot is high up on that list. It was enormously fun, but also sort of a train-wreck. Let's reflect on where such a good game jumped off the rails.

YouTuber Dartigan, who previously broke down the nonsensical bits of Remember Me, returned this week with a smart and critical take of the unfortunately named but also very enjoyable DmC: Devil May Cry. This is another CinemaSins style video, just to warn you. But before you start moaning about how someone made yet another "Everything Wrong With [Thing I Feel Like Nitpicking]" video, I assure you: this one is really good. Also, DmC is the perfect candidate for the Sin-counter treatment. Why, you ask? Well, here's Dartigan's argument:

Here are my favourite points:

  • The younger, darker-haired version of Dante bears an unsettling resemblance to Justin Bieber. Ok, he may be stretching it on this one. But now that he's said it, I can't unsee it.
  • In a game that often seems like its reveling in its own sexual excess, why do the strippers and people having sex always seemed to be fully clothed?
  • "You know what I don't want to hear when playing a game about cutting demons in half with a giant sword? A plotline that Tom Clancy's co-authors would have rejected." Couldn't have said it better myself! I mean, think about it: this is a game about demons and monsters and magical creatures locked in an eternal, epic struggle over the fate of humanity. Couldn't the bad guys have chosen a more dastardly scheme than tainting people's soft drinks and hiring crooked news anchors? It's like making Diablo but casting the eponymous beastand all his evil brothers as shitty used car salesmen.
  • DmC's cutscenescould have really used another round of edits. He points out numerous instances where characters jump around in space and time from shot to shot in a particular scene.
  • The game's dialogue is atrocious. As evidence, Dartigan highlights this particularly special conversation between Dante and a Succubus shortly before their boss fight begins:

Succubus: I'm twelve hundred years old!

Dante: You don't look a day over twelve thousand.

Succubus: Fuck you!

Dante: Fuck you!

Succubus: Fuck youuuuu! (barfs out green liquid)

Ah, video games. Thankfully the combat in DmC was incredible, and the game's art style was incredibly inspired — when it wasn't so pre-occupied making yet another series of dirty jokes about strippers or Dante's sex life.


    I didn't mind the dmc reboot, you expect a certain level of stupidity. But Platinum's games do everything better, including the bad dialogue.

    Last edited 07/09/14 10:43 am

    Eh I actually thoroughly enjoyed the game, keen to replay it again sometime. Music, action, had the a resparked dmc feel to it, sure dialogue was simple but it was meant to show a teenage attitude version of Dante before he fully became aware of who he was.

    The swearing really grated on me....other than that, I loved the reboot.

    Personally, I loved the reboot as well. It was all just a very enjoyable experience. Dat gameplay.

    DmC is to DMC what Michael Bay is to anything he touches. It was an alright hack-n-slash, yeah, but ultimately didn't match up to the series' pedigree that DMC3 and 4 had, and took out more than it added.

    The fact that the story was bad kind of defeats the reason Capcom went to Ninja Theory in the first place.

    Having never played a DMC game before, I found DmC a lot of fun. Ninja Theory's art design, good combat and Combichrist.....worked for me.

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