Nintendo's Little Plastic Figures Look Fantastic

Nintendo's Little Plastic Figures Look Fantastic

Nintendo's Amiibo figures are, like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, designed first and foremost for video games. But where they differ from Activision and Disney's efforts is that I would buy all of these just to sit on my desk, quality of the games be damned.

Especially since, at $US13 each, they're comfortably in "I'm just looking on the internet wait why am I getting my wallet out" territory.

Now that they have got a price, release window and preorder links, we've got better images of the figures, and as you can see below, they are awesome.

All twelve figures in the first line - whose first compatible game will be Smash Bros. - are out around the holiday season.

Nintendo's Little Plastic Figures Look Fantastic
Nintendo's Little Plastic Figures Look Fantastic
Nintendo's Little Plastic Figures Look Fantastic
Nintendo's Little Plastic Figures Look Fantastic
Nintendo's Little Plastic Figures Look Fantastic
Nintendo's Little Plastic Figures Look Fantastic


    Can't wait for these, gonna buy the whole damn set.

      even the yoga lady?

        Yeah, don't really want that one, but I'm gonna have to buy it to complete the set.

          Im sure Nintendo will ensure you never complete the set by re-releasing variants for eternity!

            Clear Mario, gold Mario, platinum Mario, baby Mario, metal Mario, frog Mario. This is definitely not something I'm going to be sucked into!

            Will buy exactly zero of these :p.

              Famitsu Mario or some other limited edition, toys r us Yoshi edition etc

    I feel bad for Peach...that can't be comfortable.

      I'd like to think she's very comfortable like that.

        There's gotta be a reason Bowser keeps going back to get her!

    It's SO damned strange that luigi isn't in the initial lineup.

    I didn't want to cave, but starfox looks pretty detailed, and samus is a badass, and... Damn.

    I would get: link, fox, samus, and peach. Don't really care for rest.

    Edit: Forgot to add Mario. Maybe a few more, then again can only see few.

    Last edited 01/09/14 1:42 pm

    These look excellent. Much higher quality than I was expecting, especially compared to competitors Skylanders/Disney.

    Yes, I'd buy a few @ $13 too. However EB has them for pre-order for $18 a piece.

      Oh thank eff... I've still got a tab open at showing them for $30 each. Was thinking "$30!? Eff that! :/" and going to comment on the "Especially since, at $US13 each"/apparent Aus Tax. $18 is more reasonable, esp. since they're more than just figurines.

    Well seeing as Peach is my main on SSB I'll have to get her.

    I hate to say it, but I'm not into piling up collectables anymore so if I do buy these it'll be exclusively for their in-game functionality, which probably means they'll get snapped off and thrown away so I can just keep a stack of discs in my game cases.

      You monster!

        If I make an exception for a single Luigi figure neatly stored under my computer monitor within a week my place will look like a toy store vomited on it while couriers swarm the neighbourhood like a plague sent down by the gods of online shopping.

        Yeah, even I don't think that justifies the crime...

      I hope the game detects that and blocks you >;/

    They look exactly like non-posable Figma figures (which is a really good thing).

    What is the scale on these? I can't tell if they're small and detailed or huge and poorly made.

      I think the base might be around an inch/inch and a half in diameter? They showed them sitting on the New 3DS touchscreen, I think they fit fairly comfortably within that.

        So fairly pricey for that scale then.

          Well, firstly I'm not even sure I actually know how big an inch is. There's this picture, dunno if that makes it any clearer:

          But yeah, I dunno. Doesn't seem like that bad a price to me, pretty sure I've seen entirely nonfunctional figures around that size go for similar prices or more.

            1 inch is about 2.5cm, so talking a ~3cm base the height is likely to be about 6-8cm tall from the look of it. Not sure about it, it's just at the point that a $13 price tag seems a bit too steep for the size. Scale is going to make all the difference really - if they're too small then that price will be too high. As it is, I've always been a bit leery of the Skylanders / Infinity style stuff where it's fixed statues, would rather spend that money on stuff that's poseable or has accessories like Nendoroid or Figma or similar. Those cost 2-3 times the price but they're a fair bit bigger and more versatile & interesting IMO.

              Yeah, from the looks of that picture there (and estimating by the what-I-assume-to-be 8mm lines on the paper next to me), the bases look like they could be maybe around the 5cm mark, so I might've underestimated to begin with.

              I'm right with you there on the statue thing though. Generally hate those kinds of things, and consider F4F stuff to be stupidly overpriced for what they are. Poseable all the way, even if I'll probably never actually pose them all that much if at all. But that said, these at least have some level of function to them even if you could rip the bases off and do it that way, so that helps justify the price a bit to me. They look way nicer than Skylanders, too (haven't seen the Disney ones at all).

      The bases fit under the D pad on the Wii-U controller, where the double square logo is painted on.

    If a Captain Falcon gets released I guess I'll have to buy the entire set.

    Thanks, Nintendo!

    [Edit: Doh!]

    Last edited 01/09/14 2:49 pm

    I have to admit I don't really know anything about amiibos (having written them off as Skylander cash ins like Disiney Infinity and being completely uninterested in either of those games, as well as Smash Bros) but I am 100% getting that Samus one, even if I never end up using it with my Wii U.

    Cute! I would buy the Villager to sit next to my little tiny Animal Crossing house on my desk. I can't really see myself playing the game associated with this. What's it even called?

      These will be a feature of a large number of nintendo games going forwards, both handheld and console. It's not just one game.

        There you go, I didn't even know! Thank you :)

    sweet jesus... i wont be buying the games to go with them but damn i want that Samus and Fox figure.

    fff that Link looks better detailed than the statue i just payed over $100 for @ Gametraders.

    Last edited 01/09/14 3:36 pm

    These remind me of in app purchases on free to play games, but at least they seem decent

    I'm not even a Starfox fan but damn, that figure looks awesome.

    Not enough high heels on that samus, 0/10, would not buy

    I'm waiting for the Matio Kart set to come out where you can add upgrade parts to it. Come on Nintendo make it happen?

    Actually no, that would be the end of me.

    So how long until someone writes an Android app that lets your phone's NFC chip emulate any of the figures?

      I'd say Nintendo's already on to that...

      Didn't it come out a lil while ago that they were going to start doing mobile apps?

      Just my hunch.

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