Remember This?

I think yesterday's Remember This was tricky. Just because the image I used looked like a lot of different games. A lot. Hopefully today's clue will be a bit more helpful...

Actually, it probably makes things too easy!

Here's yesterday's image below.

Good luck everyone!


    Turok Evolution.

    Did anyone guess that yesterday?

    Not sure why but it kind of reminds me of Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

    Googled the answer. Won't say it. Never heard of it though.

      Oh yeah, I've heard of that game before either!

      Though, well played, Serrels. You'd never be able to guess the game's genre from that image!

      Out of interest, how do you guys know what to Google? I tried searching for "games with a green swamp" but only actual green swamp pics popped up?...

        I was on my phone. Held my finger down on the image and a menu popped up where I could select to do a Google Image Search for it. It didn't find the one from yesterday but it found the one from today.

        Not sure about other browsers but in Chrome, the right-click context menu has an option "Search Google for this image". Same as what energydrinkhigh is talking about on his phone I think.

    I get this feeling about star wars but cannot think of how or why.

    Is it one of the Monster Hunter games, maybe the original Monster Hunter on the PS2?

    Last edited 05/09/14 1:27 pm

    Omikron: The Nomad Soul?


    its battlezone 2

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