Simon Pegg's Chooses His Favourite Game Of All Time. Chooses Wisely.

For some reason I'm totally not surprised that Simon Pegg likes video games. I mean, why wouldn't he? During a recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit he was asked for his favourite video game of all time. He made a good choice.

Half-Life 2.

Basically, Simon Pegg is most likely scanning every piece of Valve news that comes out of the studio, piecing together incredible conspiracy theories before typing the words "Half-Life 3 confirmed" on some forum somewhere.

Note: Simon Pegg is probably not doing that.

His answer in full:

My favourite game of all time is probably Half Life 2. And I love love LOVE the look of the new Alien game, which is called Alien: Isolation.

So there's another little tidbit — Simon Pegg is also looking forward to Alien: Isolation.

Guys. He's JUST LIKE US!

(Alright, you now have permission to talk about how much I look like Simon Pegg.)


    You're right, when I was watching the special features for Hot Fuzz and Simon starts dry humping Edgar Wright in his underwear I totally thought "Hey that totally looks like Mark".

    Last edited 23/09/14 10:39 am

    Hey guys, don't you think Serrels looks a lot like Nick Frost?

      This is up there with one of my favourite comments of all time.

      A bit

    Simon Pegg's head flares incrementally outward, peaking at the forehead region. Yours Mark however, maintains a more linear width.

    I would have also accepted Fallout 2, Baldur's Gate, Mega Man, Age Of Empires 2, Simcity 3000, Command and Conquer, etc.

    Sorry Mark, you look nothing like him. I have a mate who looks like his twin. No joke.

    Sorry to say but you actually look more like Gollum. Or at least the guy that voices him.

    But does Simon Pegg like dark souls? Also have we ever seen @markserrels and Simon Pegg in the same room together at the same time. Think about that.

      He purposely didn't say Dark Souls to maintain the lie that they're two different people. Would have given it up waaay too easily.

    Geez, you're not even trying anymore. You just ripped this straight from Reddit!! ;)

    But seriously I'm not surprised by his choices. Paul re-emphasised how amazingly geeky he and Nick Frost are :D

    They also had TimeSplitters 2 happening in Shaun Of The Dead... which is just more proof how awesome they all are

    Hipster cufcfan616 says 'Pegg's earlier work like Big Train and Spaced are his best' *takes off hipster glasses and fedora*

    This post should've been titled, "Shameless self-promotion of my Reddit AMA".

      obligatory "because everyone reads reddit right?" sarcastic response. Though you did say my reddit ama so you could have been joining in on the I look like simon pegg joke.

        That was exactly what I was doing :) It was a "Serrels looks like Simon Pegg" joke.

        Last edited 23/09/14 11:41 am

    I'm not sure I'd call loving anything Valve makes a wise choice. I mean they do good work but there's no denying that's an abusive relationship. =P

    Alien Isolation? I would have PEGGed him as a Left 4 Dead kind of a guy.

    Good choice!

    I love the look of Isolation too. Hopefully I can pull myself away from grinding Destiny to give it some TLC.

    His answers are all wrong, ALL WORNG :P

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