Someone’s Putting Soccer Into Dota 2

Someone’s Putting Soccer Into Dota 2

Thanks to the power of modding, I have few doubts that you’ll soon be able to play every single game inside of Dota.

I mean, someone’s already building Pokemon into Dota 2. It was only a matter of time before someone modded an actual sport into Dota. Enter Dota Soccer.

Here’s how this wild idea, which is currently in alpha, works:

Physics based soccer! All your favourite heroes and the abilities you know! Kick-offs just added, coin-flip and all!!! More updates to come.

Attack the ball, attack your enemies, it’s your call, do what you must to get the goal!


Controls / How to Play

Each game goes for 10 minutes with the winner being the team with highest goals scored. If scores are tied Last Man Standing Sudden Death begins where the winner will be decided by the next goal or the last Hero alive.

Attack move near the ball to attack it or alternatively push it with your Hero. Attack strength depends on distance from Hero to the ball.

AoE / Auto-targeted spells that deal damage will affect the ball in a similar manner to attacks.

All abilities can be used on other Heroes like normal, get creative and use your abilities to stun or move enemies out of the way, or stealth and blink your way into the ideal position to strike! A good team composition, finding the balance between fighting your enemies and moving the ball well will be the key to victory.

Levels are given globally for all Heroes upon scoring a goal. Some heroes won’t be as effective in a low-scoring game, plan accordingly.

Chasing/Attacking the ball mindlessly is likely to result in a loss, find/make space, get creative, and work as a team!

Sounds like it might be a lot of fun!

The mod isn’t done — there are plans to somehow add Roshan into the mix, as well as items. But if you’d like to give it a whirl, you can download Dota Soccer here.


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