Somone 3D Printed The Halo 3 Magnum

The Halo 3 Magnum. It's no Halo: CE pistol, but it's still a pretty decent weapon. Someone just used a 3D printer to create a fairly detailed replica of it. I want one. Actually, I think I just want a 3D printer so I can lackadaisically create objects from thin air like a goddamn wizard.

It's got me wondering what video game weapons I'd use a 3D printer to create. The afore-mentioned Halo: CE pistol would be top of my list. I'd also like the Klobb fro Goldeneye just because it is the consensus worst bloody video game weapon ever made. Drop your choices in the comments below.

Via Reddit. You can download the file to print your own.


    Pfft, the pistol in ODST is the best.

      I've modeled and printed one of those too :)

    I'd like a Borderlands revolver, specifically one of the pestilent defiler variants.

    It'd make a lovely anniversary present for my wife.

    Sometimes I think about buying a 3D printer, but I know it'd just begin a slow process of filling my place with stuff like this. It'd be like hoarders but with Mass Effect gear.

      In my case it would be unpainted Mass Effect gear, or perhaps poorly painted Mass Effect gear.

    Why get a Klobb when you could have a DD44 Dostovei? Now there was a gun.

    This is clearly a threat to national security, so therefore effective immediately, we are restricting the sale and import of 3D items. This includes 3D printers, 3Doodler pens, Occulus Rift, 3D movies and Magic Eye books.

    Anyone who disagrees is a terrorist and will be shipped back to a country they're not actually from.

    Um, 3d printing a gun: bad idea, functional 3d printed gun: also another bad idea, lest it be used in a crime, as the functional gun can leave no mark on what fired it. But instead why not go for rocket launcher type weapons which can fire tennis balls with adequate air pressure

      Somebody had the same idea with a pipe gun in VictoriaL

      I think what you're meaning though is like a 'Nerf' style gun that shoots foam darts and balls, that's a pretty awesome idea lol.

    @markserrels, send me an address and I'll print you a Halo Pistol :)

    Last edited 15/09/14 1:33 pm

    They're certainly handy things to have. We've got a few of them at work churning out bits and pieces every day.

    Getting a consumer model is very high on my list of "things to pick up if I ever stop being poor for some reason".

    No.. No.. No.. Must make the gun in the one Naked Gun movie were he jus keeps adding n adding to it untill he has a cannon lol

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