The Super Smash Bros. Demo Is Now Available On The Australian eSHOP

If you haven't managed to get a hold of it by other means, Nintendo Australia has informed us that the Super Smash Bros. demo is now available on the 3DS. No trickery involved, it's actually on the Australian eSHOP now!

Certain Club Nintendo members might have had access to the demo already, but it's now in the wild for the rest of us.

The demo features five playable character — Mario, Villager, Link, Pikachu and Mega Man — and they can duke it out on the Battlefield. The demo, from what I can tell, can only be played 30 times, but it is possible to set up local multiplayer with others who have downloaded the demo.

The game itself is set for release on October 4 in Australia.


    This morning I walked out the door and thought 'wait, where's my 3DS? Oh yeah, I left it next to my bed charging last night, oh well, no point in going back for it'. If the result is awesome demos getting released I should do that more often.

    Plugged in my Wii for the first time in god knows how long yesterday.

    Switched on brawl.

    Still haven't unlocked Sonic. FOR GOD SAKE.

    Downloaded it Saturday morning... haven't turned off my 3DS since. Sleep mode all the way.

    Got the demo on Friday, and I'm pretty stoked at how great it feels. I've had zero visibility issues so far, and the 3D actually makes it easier to keep track of your character. Frame rate is buttery smooth (with 3D on and off) too. October 4 can't come fast enough!

    Played it till 3 in the morning on saturday night / sunday morning.
    Btw it was out saturday.

    Last edited 22/09/14 1:55 pm

    Got it Saturday, and it feels incredible. While I don't have much hate on Brawl as some of the more passionate folks, it definitely played worse than Melee. Within 5 seconds of moving Link in the demo I could feel it was superior to Brawl in every way.

    I hate the stuff Nintendo does with demos such as only being able to play 30 times. It's only got 5 characters and one stage. It's already massively limiting.

      Just leave your 3DS in sleep mode. Don't close the game.

    This demo remains unchanged from the Nintendo Club members pre-open demo, so here's my thoughts on it:

    I gave my impressions of the demo a few days ago:

    If you don't wanna click the link, just know this; I am confident that this game is going to be fantastic.

    DL'd 2 weeks ago with codes in Tendo email, played 5 mins. Moving on..

      Not really much to do in it when its only 2 minutes a piece every single time.

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