US Smash Bros Demo Out Today For Some, Next Week For Everyone

U.S. Smash Bros Demo Out Today For Some, Next Week For Everyone

Nintendo just announced on its Treehouse live stream marathon that the long-awaited English version of the Super Smash Bros 3DS demo is coming out today for "select" Platinum members. Everyone else will get it next week.

If Nintendo's deemed you worthy of early demo access, you should receive an email with four codes (sharing is caring, etc) today. Mere Ninten-mortals, meanwhile, will have to wait until September 19 to pretend to be cartoons and hit their friends.

The demo has proven quite revealing for Japanese players, who received it earlier this week. The full game will launch in Japan tomorrow, and people have already managed to get their smash-attack-blistered fingers on early copies. We've already seen a lot of secret characters. If you want to remain pure and untainted — free to treat every unlock like a freshly snowed Christmas morn — probably steer clear of, um, a lot of the internet in the coming weeks.

The 3DS version of Super Smash Bros is coming to US and EU on October 3rd. The Wii U version, meanwhile, is set for sometime this year. Maybe we'll find out more today? Finally? Please?


    You apparently have to be platinum level to get this. I ask one question: WTF is platinum level? I've put god knows how much stuff on my club nintendo account and it has always had bugger all for us Australians. We get shafted on this too it seems since we don't appear to HAVE platinum.

      I have always wondered what Platinum was, now I know it's just another way to shaft Australians. In addition to us get the lamer prizes :/ It was cool when I got the Game and Watch DS collection though!

        Got some. Hope you are quick. A05WYWKX0SAR45N7

        I just gave away my 3ds to a disadvantaged family I heard about since I don't play it much since I got a WiiU.

          Don't think you can Pm on here. If I'm wrong, tell me how. Next 3 replies to this with contact/pm details get the codes. I'll try check back today, pretty busy.

          Please reply directly to this post.

            Got it thanks!

            Last edited 13/09/14 11:52 am

              You got the last one. Sorry everyone else, have to wait a week.

                Thank you!!

                Last edited 13/09/14 7:48 pm

            Thankyou just got it :D

            Last edited 13/09/14 10:15 am

            I managed to snag one from another generous person.

            I would have given you, uh, a smile?

            Remember though, a frown makes a much better umbrella than a smile.

            Last edited 13/09/14 11:20 am

    I really want a code, I have sad puppy dog eyes...

    Ill be forever in your debt.

    Last edited 13/09/14 10:32 am

      Sent you one if you still want it.

        That's soo nice of you!!! My puppy dog eyes are releasing tears of joy!

    Looks like I missed out.. I might just grab one off ebay >_

    If anyone has a spare key, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh oh oh oh! Plleeeaaasssse.... Someone pick me! My heart will be incomplete until it is absorbed into the merciful bosom of Smash ;_;

    I'm not sure if I'm a Platinum member but I got it! You get 5 characters (Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager and MegaMan) and one level (Battlefield).

    BTW it says US demo in the title but mine's Australian.

      do you still have any codes left? would be much appreciated from a fellow aussie! [email protected]

      Last edited 13/09/14 11:40 am

    Anyone have two spare codes?

    Don't really like to beg but I really want to play the game with a mate of mine. If you're feeling really generous, email me the codes to [email protected]. Thanks!

    Last edited 13/09/14 12:16 pm

    Lovely handsome and wonderful people of Kotaku, if anyone has a spare code to email me I'll praise you like a god :D
    [email protected]

    Wow, looks like I started something. All the other people that shared codes are awesome!

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