The Super Smash Bros. Mod That Looks Backward

Fans of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games love to tinker, hacking new characters, stages and moves into the game. A soon-to-be-released demo for a Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod named "Project M" takes a different approach.

The mod's creators want to Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii to take a step back, devolving it into Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube. According to the mod's description, its something of de-make that takes a single generation step back, whittling down the roster and making Brawl play more like Melee.

Project M's creators are planning to release a demo version of their creation soon. In the meantime, are there any Super Smash Bros. mods you'd like to tell us about?

Project M [Smash Mods]


    If they want to turn Brawl into Melee, why don't they just bring out the Gamecubes and play Melee?

      They don't even need a gamecube just the game and 4 controllers.

      Quite obviously because of all of the extra features that Project M will have including new characters and stages, not to mention the improved graphics and soundtrack.

    The cracks-
    I was thinking the EXACT same thing.
    You don't even to pull out the cube, the wii can play it! Waist of time IMHO

    Why not make it so it plays like the 64 version that version was the best!! :)

      Smash64 was way too slow and DKs arms were way too long.

      Smash Bros. 64 was the best version. Simple controls, massively fun.

    why not stop bitching and play brawl, thats still a fantastic game...

      Because they prefer Melee's gameplay, obviously?

    Lame, super-lame.
    Lameasaurus Rex.
    If they love melee so much they should just play that, this mod sounds like the most retarded mod ever.
    Might as well just stick a piece of paper on the melee disc saying it's a melee mod of brawl.

    You mentioned other Smash Bros Mods? Other than the wide range of custom skins, models, characters and stages people have made, the most enjoyable mod I've found is one called Brawl- (Brawl Minus)

    They basically went with the idea that if every character is broken, than none are. They've done a great job in giving every character buffs, some small like Metaknight, and some big (Bowser has no hitstun from attacks that do 10% or less damage) and it works really really well to give a more balanced, more fun, more 'holy shit' experience.

    Kotaku didn't even bother doing their research at all. They pretty much assumed Project M literally meant Melee 1.0 and left it at that without reading anything on the website.

    And Michael Cohen, that's a very underhanded thing to do advertising another mod like that.

      They did ask if there were any other mods you wanted to talk about.


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