The World's Toughest Woman Talks Pokemon. Gets Really Excited.

Ronda Rousey loves two things: decisively beating up human beings and Pokemon. Before becoming the undefeated UFC Women's champion Ronda famously moderated a Pokemon forum. Recently she was asked where her obsession with Pokemon began. What followed was a stream of Pokemon nerdery so intense that her media handlers had to literally drag her away.

Seriously, this is amazing. It's rare to see celebrities wearing this level of nerdery on their sleeves. When she says she likes Pokemon, she means it. To the point where she lost weight playing the game!

I just find this hilarious. Not only could Ronda almost literally rip your arm out of its socket, she's also a legit Pokemon master. Amazing.

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    Now we play the waiting game for gamers to try and destroy her credibility and career in order to prove corruption in journalism.



      That would just end up with her getting her steam game greenlighted...

        Has Ronda Rousey slept with Mark Serrels to get her career reported on Kotaku? Well, not only do we have excessive proof that not only has she never been in the same room as Mark, but never has been on the same continent at the same time as Mark. Therefor proving she did!


          That just proves Mark Serrels is Ronda Rousey!

      I believe Kotaku already did it for us, with their "Shock! Woman Plays Games, And Can Fight!" article.

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    You're wrong Mark! She loves 3 things: Hurting peeps, Pokemon and me!!! :P Ah Ronda :) Guess I better play Pokemon though - have never played it before :P

    I want this woman.

      Lol! You DO realise she's an End Boss, right?...

    She named some of the games wrong and got a bit muddled, but she seems to genuinely love Pokemon.

      That can happen the anybody, especially when someone jumps you with the question.

        Nonsense, I can remember all six hundred and something Pokemon names ferpectly.

          Who's this Pokemon then?

            Why that's good old Wtnap2. My favourite.

            Voltorb or Electrode :P, might be more. Can't think of any others that are ball shaped off hand

              Sorry, it's a Jigglypuff from above.

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                Baaahahahaaaa! Noice!

                It genuinely saddens me that I knew the answer to that one...

                  No, I mean it saddens me that I still remember something like that all these years later, yet I can't remember important shit like where I left my keys.

                  I'm not even a Pokémon fan. The last game I played was blue.

      @markserrels sold this as "This woman is a bigger Pokémon nerd than *you*" on twitter, which I refuted before even watching. After watching, I can confirm that she is not a bigger Pokémon nerd, but she is pretty cool regardless.

      I was tempted to deduct points messing up game names, but I'm willing to let that slide given that she was just about tripping over every word in a hurry to get it all out. What I couldn't abide was the outright dismissal of Pokemon Pinball. That game was the feline's nightgarments.

        I think she muddled things by being surprised by the pokemon question :P

    pretty sure my mum with a wooden spoon is tougher. I'm 28 and still scared of it.

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    I guess she really did want to be the very best, like no-one ever was...

    Who cares? I think articles here and elsewhere about how celebrities share the same interests as us are a waste of Internet. So what if Anthony Hopkins binge watches Breaking Bad as much as us, Stevie Nicks loves Game of Thrones or Bono has a raging boner for the music of Pixies and takes up half a documentary telling us that?

      I don't know about that. I don't care if he's like me but it's sort of interesting that someone like Vin Diesel enjoys table top games. I'm not going to fall in love with Ronda Rousey because she knows what a Pikachu is but it's certainly interesting to see someone who is undeniably a tough, bad ass fighter get so passionate about such a soft hobby like Pokemon.
      If she were talking about collecting Tazos with this sort of enthusiasm I'd find it interesting. One of the strongest men I've ever known absolutely loved his rose garden. I always found it amazing that he could be this absolutely unstoppable, driven person and have such a gentle hobby.

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        I've just arrived back from a Google rabbit-hole that began after reading this post and googling "vin diesel tabletop games". Super interesting. Had a few good reads. Cheers.

    As a gay man, I would go straight for her.

    She got some of the Pokemon Game Names mixed up. She said Platinum when she meant Crystal and X2 Y2 when she meant Black 2 and White 2.

    Her Pokemon Knowledge/Love is endearing.

    A girl who could beat me up and take my mewtwo card...sweet.

    The sad thing will be when she meets 'Mr.Right' and 'settles down' and pops out a couple of rug-rats - those sexy well-defined abs will melt right away :-/

    My girl used to be a little martial arts sparring hard-body (hiding an inner-geek). Ten years later and we've got a couple of toddlers, but her abs are well and truly padded. I look at photos from ten years ago and cry a little on the inside. Which isn't to say I'd ever give her sh*t about it or make her feel bad about her body (whereas she feels entirely comfortable in occasionally telling me how repulsive I've become ... gotta love wives) but yeah ... even the fittest of us are in danger of succumbing to ... I dunno ... the 'ravages of contentment' ? At least the Geekdom stays constant ... she still has sex-dreams about Star Trek captains (Kirk I get, but Piccard ? really ?) :)

    genuine stuff right here. sweet

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