Tip: Destiny Has A Special Store That Only Shows Up On Weekends

Tip: Destiny's Got A Special Store That Only Shows Up On Weekends

Destiny's not great about explaining all of the nooks and crannies and ways of getting more exotic weapons, but that's OK because we have the Iiternet and the power of crowdsourcing. So here's your latest tip.

Xûr can be found in the Tower, but only on the weekends (Friday-Sunday) and he's got quite the stock of goods. If you've been playing through the weekly challenges, you might have noticed that you've been earning some Strange Coins. (Public events, engrams, chests and crucible rewards can all all drop Strange Coins but it's at random. Weekly challenges are your best bet.) Xûr is who you go to with said coins, which can be turned in for some pretty fancy gear and upgrades. Check out some of his selection from CrossCoastGaming's video above, which he also posted to Reddit.

And now you know what your weekend plans are.


    I thought it was part of the first push of events. That's how the Bungie news post made it sound.

    And of course, the helmet he is selling imperfect for my Hunter's Blade Dancer sub class, but I haven't the coins to buy it this week. It'll slip through my grasp this week =[

      Well it's a good thing it's imperfect then.

    Why is this in the pc category isn't this console only at this stage??

      Anything cross-platform seems to end up with that tag. Same question was asked about GTA5.

    I didn't even care about these coins until old mate showed up with his flashy exotic wares and now all I want is COINS.

    Too bad the lvl 22 heroic mission is too hard with a 2x21 and a 20 and just get one/three shot

      You need arc weapons. The heroic modifier causes arc damage to be increased, that goes for you as well. We managed it at 21. Also, choose subclasses that have grenades that do arc damage.

      Also, the first section, defending the ghost while he hacks, is by far the hardest. Pass that section and you should be right.

        Yeah seen reddit gonna try An get some arc weapons tonight
        Cheers for the info though!

          No probs, we tried for hours, even got the final orb down to a slither of health before we had to stop. Then when we figured out the arc technique it was FAR easier. Hope you get it done.

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