Bungie Extends Destiny's Weekend Vendor In The Face Of Network Issues

Bungie Extends Destiny's Weekend Vendor In The Face Of Network Issues

Destiny players worried the ongoing PlayStation Network problems would rob them of a chance to visit the game's weekend-only Strange Coin vendor should worry no more — Bungie's gooing to let him keep his shop open until Monday.

Xûr, as previously documented, shows up in Destiny's Tower Friday through Saturday to give players a chance to trade the Strange Coins they have collected while adventuring for exotic gear. Since his inventory changes every week, the though of missing him due to PlayStation Network downtime had some players fretting.

Well no worries. As Rockstar extended Grand Theft Auto V's holiday festivities for players unable to connect, Bungie is allowing Xûr to stick around until at least Monday night.

We understand that Xur has been hard to reach for a lot of you this weekend, so we're going to extend his stay. Our current plan is to allow him to remain in the Tower with his current inventory until Monday night at 10pm PST, just before the weekly reset.

The developer will keep an eye on the connection situation, and will extend the vendor's stay further should the situation warrant it.


    Phew, I was worried I wouldn't get spat on this week. =P

    This is both good and bad news for me. Good because the problems with PSN have prevented players from getting stuff from Xûr and now they have a better chance. Bad for me because even if PSN comes back online before Xûr goes, I still can't get my God damned Gjallarhorn upgrade because I'm in Fiji on my honeymoon.

    I know that sounds bad. I should be making passionate love to my wife in paradise instead of worrying about Xûr. But my wife will still be around in a few day. The Gjallarhorn upgrade won't!

    P.S. I totally banged my wife earlier in the spa anyway. High five!........no? Ok...

    *quietly slinks out of discussion in embarrassment*

      In the spa? How often do they change the water because I bet you weren't the first of the day.

      Is spa any easier than a normal pool? Because man did my gf and I struggle with the pool. Maybe you're just way better at turning on the laydees :P Although even lube didn't help. Yay for oversharing!

        Lol they definitely get it wrong in the movies. The answer is no: it's damn near impossible. Water nullifies any umm...natural lubrication. We actually moved to a better location. And it was the spa in our room @rumbles. Had to fill the thing, it wasn't already filled. No other people had used it before us.

        Last edited 30/12/14 2:44 pm

    He didn't even have any exotic engrams! I guess I will have to spend my motes of light on something else ... oh wait, they're worthless.

    Got on to get the Gjallahorn and Suros upgrade. Kicking myself though because I prefer the Hawkmoon over the Suros. Good luck to all still disconnected

    Apart from the existing weapon upgrades this is pretty terrible week for Xur.

    No exotic engram.
    No Land Beyond is fucking terrible.
    Same armours as weeks gone past, exact same as last week for Warlock but with worse stats.

    Send him away now and lets roll next week early.

      Has Xur been carrying exotic engrams since the DLC then? Because I haven't been playing since then and I have like 35 motes of light sitting there and was tempted to buy one of the Speaker's ludicrously overpriced class items when there was no engram available.

        There have been a few weeks that I didn't play, but every week I've seen him since launch he has had an engram, either that or my memory is awful.

        I'd recommend saving the motes for the exotic engrams unless you desperately want a class item or emblem from the Speaker, worst case scenario with the engrams you can dismantle whatever it is for exotic shards.

      Actually, No Land Beyond is fantastic. It's terrible at first. But so is Thorn, Bad Juju and Hard Light. Give it time...unless you play crucible, then yes...No Land Beyond is fucking terrible for crucible.

    Jumped back into Destiny for the first time since the week before the DLC dropped, picked up some exitic shards. Discovered to my dismay that using an exotic shard to upgrade my previously fully upgraded Helm of Inmost Light reverts it to it's un-upgraded state (though with base stats superior to it's un-sharded state).

    All those ascendent materials wasted. :/

    On the upside I was also able to upgrade my Warlock's sunbreakers without having wasted any ascendent materials on them. I guess this is a good way to keep strange coins relevant once your hardcore players have already acquired all the exotic items but again, us casuals get jilted pretty hard. I assume all my fully-upgraded legendary items are pretty much trash now that there's DLC legendaries too?

      Yes and no, regarding legendaries.

      The Vault of Glass legendaries would be worth keeping as they have elements on primary weapons, great for the nightfall burns. Non raid, non DLC legendaries on the other hand are not worth keeping other than for personal reasons or ability preferences.

        I never managed to find a group to run the vault of glass, I guess there's not really any point now, except for the sake of the experience, since you can get beyond 30 without the raid gear. Those weapons do sound tempting though. I can usually handle Nightfall strikes with void burn due to my Supremacy sniper rifle from the Queen's Wrath event but elemental primaries would be something else...

        The thing that pissed me off about the raid, content I will probably never see, is that Bungie could have just make it possible for a match-made group to get through but instead they had to artificially inflate the difficulty for bragging rights.

          Don't worry too much about raid armour. Those that worked really hard to get it and were level 30 were pissed after the DLC. Their armour was worthless when you could just go to the shop and for 75 marks get a better bit of armour. Crazy design there. Surely raid armour must level up.
          In theory I should probably wait for the next DLC *then* start playing the game..............................but dammit......................must..........upgrade.............that Thunderbastard......................

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