DayZ Player Explains Why You Shouldn't Yell 'I'm Friendly'

It's the most basic interaction in the game. Two players meet in the wastes, someone yells "I'M FRIENDLY I'M FRIENDLY", and then eventually everyone dies.

While playing DayZ, TheRunningManZ ran into an underequipped stranger. Everything was pretty standard until they got attacked by someone else, who was actually the stranger's friend.

What made it so interesting is how they did it. They pulled a great bait-and-switch, where the friend fired a few shots, killing one of the group. He the drops the gun (the only one they had) and runs away, attracting everyone's attention. Then the first stranger can pick up the gun and continue attacking while everyone's distracted.

This all apparently got RunningManZ thinking, and he comes to the conclusion that telling someone you're friendly when you're unarmed is basically equivalent to saying "please don't shoot me". It only really carries any weight when you're saying it from behind a rifle.

So DayZ newspawns, try and think of something new to yell. At the very least, it will add some variety to the DayZ videos out there.


    lol so goddamn true. May start yelling IM A NUDIST!

    I chose to just stop playing DayZ because of all the douchebags.

    It's one thing to get killed while in a firefight with other players over some valuable suppliers. It's another to be a fresh spawn and be killed by some over-geared douchebag who did it for the shits and giggles.

    I just got fed up with it and moved on to other games.

      I actually for some reason never got spawn killed, though I've not played as many hours as others or die that often. I've tried it again since the latest patch and it is much better. It's harder to run around since you get cold, need to eat a bit more and the environment makes it harder now. I've read the current experimental is making hunger worse and running around making you hungry much faster. This will slow up people who KoS and promote teamwork to actually survive since just shooting someone to take their stuff usually results in ruining all their stuff.

      This is what kept me from even playing DayZ. I love the idea of it but I just don't think it can work unless people aren't assholes, because there's no way to stop people griefing. I mean, you could turn off all PVP but then you have no way to stop people abusing that to kite zombies towards you, or steal your stuff.

        It happens very rarely, more if you are unlucky. It depends on how quick you can move from your spawn point.

    Nothing is worse than spending 3-4 hrs on this game only to find a backpack and 'maybe' a shovel, then to die from someone who pretends to be friendly. Nothing achieved and nothing gained except more time wasted.

      If it takes 3-4 hours to find a backpack and a shovel you're doing something wrong :p

        Very wrong indeed.

      Learn where to look, then it's easy to get a back pack and shovel.
      Besides, no ones forces you to be friendly.
      I choose to be friendly most times, but i do it at my own risk.

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