Not Everyone's A Killer In DayZ. Some Folks Are Just Weird.

Not Everyone's A Killer In DayZ. Some Folks Are Just Weird.

You tend to only hear about the arseholes in DayZ, but really, for every gun-toting lunatic you encounter, you run into 10 others whose behaviour ranges from the friendly to the absurd.

The Tumblr hey are you cool does a great job of documenting this. It's Chris Livingston's account of the people he meets while wandering the wilds of DayZ.

Some want to share beans. Some want their picture taken. Some will wave hello, some will ignore you and some will, yes, take you hostage then shoot you in the back of the head.

If you've played the game, you'll understand. If not, yeah, weird shit happens in this game.

hey are you cool [Tumblr]


    Iv found a majority to be rather friendly i guess it helps if you dont have a kids voice over the mic.

    Me an my brother were chilling out in elektro, me fully geared and my brother with just the basics and a pistol. We ran into a few people and explored some more with them, but while we where at a drinking fountain we hear shots, the two guys we where with fall down and my brother and i head off running, i run and hide in the church but my brother was to slow.

    I wait in the church for my brother to re-spawn and head back. I waited in a building while my brother went ahead to go check out where he died, there was a guy with his gun drawn he he strikes up a friendly convo while i waited with my scope on him, then all of a sudden shots where fired my brother takes of running again and i gun down the guy, to find out it wasn't him.

    I Bandaged my brother up and give him a blood transfusion back at the church. We set out to find this guys, we headed into the fire station while my brother was looking down stairs and i head up to the top, on my way back down i can hear a gun reloading, i froze, looking out the windows of the tiny room i was in to find the guy who has been KOS everyone, he didn't notice i was there and then i drew my gun and aimed it into the back of his head and let out a few rounds, my heart was racing, my brother cheered as he looted this guys stuff, he was fully geared with a Mosin and heaps of food, drink and ammo.

    So after all the times we have been killed we finally got our revenge it felt good, felt like we did everyone some good and revenge for the people we lost on the way.

      Without any context of the game, this makes little sense... Im downloadong the game now!! Cant wait to see what the hype is all about

        I sapose that is true. The hype for the game is way overstated and you will die alot. I've met alot more bandits and killers then nice people in the game. Gets boring by your self you are best playing with someone.

        hope you've got lots of time to waste and not prone to fits of rage! =P

        Save your download. You might enjoy it for a bit, but soon you will realise that it all leads to nowhere.

          Wish id known that before the purchase... ah well.

    I found a boat once in the mod and was giving people lifts up and down coast, most gave me a ton of stuff as payment. ended up fully kitted just as a driver.

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