Don’t Kill Orcs, Brew Beer For Them

Don’t Kill Orcs, Brew Beer For Them

We’ve been slaying lots of orcs lately around the Kotaku office/converted anti-orc nemesis death fortress lately — lots and lots, all thanks to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. But not all orcs want to kill or even fight. Some just want to drink. Orcish Inn‘s Animal Crossing-esque antics are for them.

See now? Wasn’t that nice? Why kill when we can swill? And also chat and laugh and farm and fish and build and delve deep into the orcish swamps, a simpering mire of inconceivable strangeness. Or maybe they’re just like normal swamps, only orc-ier.

Here’s what you’ll be doing as the game progresses:

  • Farming: a complex farming experience where you have to consider wetness, eutrophy, windbreak and plant density.
  • Keeping of Animals: breed and feed the hell out of them.
  • Exploring: explore nature and gather resources like firewood.
  • Brewing: produce malt, wort and finally beer and control their characteristics like alcoholic strength and acerbity.
  • Furnishing: Create and decorate your inn tile by tile, wall by wall.
  • Serving: At dusk, orcish guests come in and enjoy your beer.
  • Amusement: Play tavern games with your guests or try your luck with fishing.

So basically, Orcish Inn is cross between Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and orcs. When people ask me at parties what my interests are, I name exactly those things in exactly that order. Colour me interested and/or green. Also not great at parties.

It will be out early next year. For now, you can follow its progress on Steam Greenlight. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go work up a thirst for serving orcish beer to orcs by brutally slaughtering different orcs. I will then pour one out for my slain orc brethren, who were of course slain by… me. But a different me, a more decapitation-prone one. Man. Video games, you guys.


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