I Guess You Can't Headshot People With Grenades In Destiny...

After loving the Grand Theft Auto V series of Mythbusters videos, I wondered if a 'simpler' game like Destiny would have the same potential for myths to bust/confirm? Turns out they keep finding enough things to test out, so here it is: Destiny Mythbusters, including an attempt to headshot an enemy opponent with a grenade.

That was my favourite of the myths these guys tried to bust/confirm in this video, but there are a heap of other good ones.

I still wonder about the longevity of this, but that's the whingy side of me. As long as there are Destiny myths to be busted, I'll be watching!


    hmmm...you just watched the first one and BANG, article online....didnt you??? hmmmm?

    Myth: The game is fun after level 20. BUSTED!

    (It's not so bad and I know they're fixing things, but that grind...)

      I definitely used to feel the same way. I do think it's become a lot better since the loot patch, with the Weeklies/Dailes/Tiger Strikes giving me some very, very good loot.

      That being said, there's still a LOT of other problems with the game, lol.

    Depends if you like crucible or not, I got all my legendary armor from PVP drops and getting to Rank 2. Thought it was pretty fun :)

      Yeah. Even doing Vangaurd content it's not that slow, although they could use another four or five Strikes to keep things interesting. I think a big part of the problem was people relying on loot cave/Cryptarch to gear. That was the absolute worst way to gear but because it was seen as an exploit everyone flocked to it thinking it must be a shortcut. Crucible and Strikes will get you gear at a decent rate while playing enjoyable content (if you don't enjoy either of those there's no point in gearing up past 20).

    I've had the WoD seekers and Phalanx launch happen to me before so I knew they weren't myths at all.

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