Mighty No 9 Now Raising Money For DLC Pack


    What ever happened to the old days when game developers actually produced "complete" games that didnt need DLC? Another thing why not work on the initial game first release it then use the money made by selling millions of copies to the craft the new DLC.

      Because games are more expensive to make now than they were then, and games have to be cheaper than they were then, because the consumer demanded it be so.

      If you were still happy to pay $100 for an 8 hour game they developers/publishers could probably still make "full" games then abandon them for the next title, but you're not, I'm not, nobody is.

      Don't forget that most games come out with as much content as they did 10 years ago, which are the "full" games you talk about, DLC almost universally adds more game time (not including costume packs and shit, yes I agree those are a joke).

        Keeping in mind they have already made over $4 million and the game isn't even released yet. I truely wonder how expensive platformers are to make these days I wonder.

          You have to remember that 4mil still has to technically go towards the next game for the studio too, realistically. The funds to raise that 4mil includes the game already, so it's not like typical development where that 4mil comes from investment and then you go on to sell 4mil worth of finished product

      If I understand correctly the game already has 8 stages and 8 bosses which is, by all the standards set by Megaman games, a complete game?

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      This is additional content that will be developed after development on the full game has wrapped (and not a moment before, according to them). Not only that, but the money they are raising is all coming from preorders on the game (not something like an additional Kickstarter), and if the milestone is reached so that they can afford to produce it, everyone with a preorder or who backed on the Kickstarter will get this additional content FOR FREE. What you're suggesting (using money made from the game to produce the new DLC) is exactly what they're doing, except people get the DLC for free if the team gets the chance to produce it.

      I think that you're also forgetting that in the 'old days' game developers actually did release additional content after a game was finished and released. They called them expansion packs, and some of the best games of the period got them, despite being great standalone games beforehand.

    And I am still here waiting for Azure Gunvolt after NA release.

    Really disappointed I didn't issue a charge back on my card when I had the chance for this scam.

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